The burning question of today is: “Why does our government never seem to get anything done?” No one seems to know, but it is clear that the country is fractured to the core and in perpetual conflict socially, morally and spiritually. Congress and the media are rated in single digits, the sexes are at war, racial angst runs amok in the cities, political correctness has crippled our educational institutions, and we have lost our identity as a Christian nation. What exactly is happening and who is at fault?

I suggest that America is really comprised of two antagonistic entities – the Republic of New York and the United States of America. Prior to the impact of television, the Internet and the smartphone, the Republic was little more than a leftist abstraction composed of hippies, radicals, Greenwich village intellectual poseurs, and Marxist sympathizers. Today, however, I believe the Republic rules America and always gets its way even when most of the population (and voters) wants exactly the opposite.

If the Republic desires affirmative action, abortion, homosexual marriage, Obamacare or marginalization of Christians, it rarely fails to get its way. When was the last time the Republic ever lost a battle with the majority of the country? It dominates everything in the country including so-called conservative politicians whose thought and speech are often indistinguishable from the PC “diversity speak” of New Yorkers. They have been shaped over time, brought to heel – and don’t even know it.

What is the Republic of New York anyway? On Aug. 9, 2004, Jennifer Senior published an interesting and telling essay in New York magazine entitled “The Independent Republic of New York.” It began with a quote from Woody Allen’s “Annie Hall”: “Don’t you see? The rest of the country looks upon New York like we’re left-wing, communist, Jewish, homosexual pornographers. I think of us that way sometimes and I live here.”

The leitmotif of the Senior piece is that New York and its people are so different and superior from the rest of the country that it should consider seceding from the union! “Psychically, then, New York already seems headed out of the union – so why not go all the way?” The city itself “has more in common with Europe than with the United States,” and its persistent fantasy often resurfaces: “Should New York secede?”

Many people are unaware that New York City was the first capital city of America, and, indeed, our first president, George Washington, was inaugurated there in 1789. The first U. S. Congress and the Supreme Court assembled there during this time, and the Bill of Rights was drafted at Federal Hall on Wall Street. To say that national leadership is in the city of New York’s blood would be an understatement.

New York City is not only the spiritual capital of America, it is the cultural capital of the world. And New Yorkers are anything but modest in their assessment of their vastly superior intelligence, industrial hegemony, scientific achievements, certified talents in music, drama and entertainment, and, of course, their control of the world’s commerce and finances. Eugene Sherman asserts that the common thread running through these grand achievements is creativity. It explains the city’s concentration and diversity of “peoples, talents, ambitions and egos.”

The Republic’s flouting of its multifarious powers is not to exaggerate them. It wields almost hypnotic power over the American populace and its elective representatives. It has been 46 years since the Republic gave its blessing to the Woodstock festival in 1969, when sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll victoriously marched into American culture and captured the youth. Seldom, if ever, in history has a victory been so enduring and complete. It has put generations of children in the Republic’s pocket.

The Republic’s reach also goes well into the educational system and academy, and the Ivy League schools represent one large arm of its hegemony. The Ivy League filters which of the brightest will succeed or not, who will or will not serve in Congress and, indeed, who may be president of the United States. Its powers are incalculable, but its devotion to the Republic is unquestionable.

The most powerful political entity in the United States is the Supreme Court; it gave us abortion on demand, homosexual marriage and any and all of the politically correct imperatives the Republic desires. Five current members of the court are natives of NYC or a nearby area (Alito, Ginsburg, Kagan, Scalia, Sotomayer); Chief Justice Roberts was born in Buffalo, New York; and two (Kennedy and Breyer ) are from what I call the “research colony” where the Republic carries out many of its transformative projects – California. In fact, Breyer is Jewish and a liberal Democrat nominated by resident “black” New Yorker Bill Clinton. Doesn’t get more New York than that. Only Justice Thomas has little or no links to the Republic.

Although unaware of Senior’s article, I wrote a similar piece on July 7, 2005, in MensNewsDaily, entitled “The Supreme Battle: the Cultural Capital of New York versus the United States of America.” I concluded the following: “This is all part and parcel of the ‘progressive’ revolution – speak of high-sounding notions of “freedom” and “self-expression” while addicting the young to rock music, drugs, impulsivity, narcissism, and peer group tribality and thereby separating them from their families, their traditions and their God. Attack the family and religion and in two generations the youth of the country will be yours … heart and soul. Brilliant work indeed.”

The everyday Joe of fly-over America, the Congress, the church and even the president of the United States are no match for the grand powers of the Republic of New York. Ironically, the current president has only the power of the Republic and his relatively small ideological base on his side. The base will always be with him, but the Republic has gotten all it wants from him: the presidency and eight free-wheeling years of leftist cultural tranformation. That means his days are numbered, and the end will not be pretty.

Now for a truly delicious irony. At the end of her article, Jennifer Senior speculated on life after a hypothetical secession of the Republic from the United States. And guess who she picked as the first New York “ambassador” to the remaining states? My warrior extraordinaire Donald Trump. Oh dear, be careful of what you wish for.

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