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Is Mr. 'My Muslim faith' a terrorist sympathizer?

Very nearly every terrorist attack in the past quarter of a century, anywhere in the world, has been the work of fanatical Islamic murderers shrieking Allahu akbar! The vicious extremists of this “religion” of hate doubled down on their murder of two-dozen innocent French staff members of Charlie Hebdo in January of this year by pointlessly slaughtering or maiming hundreds in Paris, France, last week.

Al Gore cravenly abandoned his planned 24-hour telethon from Paris about global warming, when he should have had the courage to carry on and show the terrorists they had failed.

As usual, there has been near-total silence from those Islamic mullahs who, we are told, are “moderates.” It is their silence that is leading me, among others, to wonder whether we should any longer regard Islam as a religion at all.

And that is a shame: for it was the formidable scholarship of Islam, in the Damascus and Baghdad of the 9th to the 12th centuries, that kept civilization alive while Christian Europe was in the intellectual doldrums of the Dark Ages. Also, Islam upholds some of the Christian teachings – on abortion and homosexuality, for instance – that Christian bishops nowadays seem too politically correct to defend.

However, the conclusion can no longer be avoided: Today, except perhaps in the Ahmadiyya sect, there is no such thing as moderate Islam. And even the Ahmadiyya Muslims seem not to have spoken out in condemnation of the latest atrocity perpetrated in the name of Allah.

What does the “leader” of the free world have to say about these events? Mr. Obama made the usual ritualistic noises of outrage, but at no time did he mention the inconvenient truth that the terrorism that destroyed 3,000 of his fellow citizens in New York in 2001, and that has been responsible for numerous outrages before and since, is Islamic.

Instead, Mr. Obama has said, over and over again, that global warming is a greater threat than terrorism. He began saying this in January 2008, during a campaign speech, when he asserted that the “immediate danger” from oil-funded terrorism “is eclipsed only by the long-term threat from climate change, which will lead to devastating weather patterns, terrible storms, drought, and famine.”

He went on: “That means people competing for food and water in the next 50 years in the very places that have known horrific violence in the last 50: Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia. Most disastrously, that could mean destructive storms on our shores, and the disappearance of our coastline.”

So here are the facts. My latest monthly update to the global temperature trend, based on measurements reported by satellites, shows no global warming – at all – for 18 years and nine months. Nobody now in high school has ever experienced global warming.

Storms show no trend. Droughts have been declining for 30 years. Sea level is barely rising. And CO2 fertilization is greening the planet. No surprise, then, that crop yields worldwide have risen dramatically, partly because CO2 is plant food and partly because modern farming works.

Global warming has killed nobody, for the good and sufficient reason that there has not been any. What is more, recent scientific advances have established that the likelihood of manmade warming severe enough to kill anyone is zero.

Why, then, does Mr. Obama state, over and over again, that non-existent global warming is a greater threat than Islamic terror? One reason is that the eco-fascists, like their predecessors in Nazi Germany, have adopted environmentalism as a pretext for inflicting totalitarian control on those who would prefer to be free.

They clambered on to the bandwagon without checking the science first. They did not care whether the small clique of fellow-extremists in academia who fabricated the global-warming scare were right. All they cared about was the opportunity to set up a global new world order, the most conspicuous feature of which is that none of its leaders will be elected.

The “Democrats” have made themselves look even sillier than usual with their endless bleating about the weather. Al Gore, for instance, whose mawkish sci-fi comedy horror movie made a fortune before the U.K. High Court exposed its extreme claims as nonsense, said in July 2008 that climate change a more dangerous threat than terrorism. He told ABC News: “I think that the climate crisis is, by far, the most serious threat we have ever faced.”

Breitbart.com has a fascinating article listing the two dozen times Mr. Obama has wailed about the supposed dangers of non-existent global warming. For instance, in 2009, he said, “The long-term threat of climate change, if left unchecked, could result in violent conflict …”

More recently, even the normally level-headed military has been taken in. In conjunction with the chiefs of staff, who must have taken leave of their collective senses, in 2010 the administration issued a “national security strategy” that describes global warming as “a threat to national security.”

Four years later, they said the same in the quadrennial defense review, while Mr. Obama talked of “the possibility of war, conflict, refugees, displacement that arise from a changing climate.”

Rubbish. The GOP will win considerable support in the forthcoming election if it states plainly that Islamic terrorism is a threat to national security and that global warming is not.

As for Mr. Obama, who is on record as having spoken of “my Muslim faith,” he must redeem his failing “presidency” by making it quite clear that he is not a terrorist sympathizer. He is, of course, entitled to his “Muslim faith,” for your nation was born of a desire to replace the Catholic and then Protestant intolerance of Europe with a more open-minded approach to other people’s faith.

Yet a true leader has to get his priorities right. And Mr. Obama’s whining about the non-threat of global warming and his culpable silence on the fact that people who call themselves Muslims are responsible for nearly all terrorist acts around the world are no longer acceptable.

For while one may tolerate another’s religion, if that “religion” increasingly seems to be the wellspring of terrorism, and if that “religion’s” leaders say and do nothing to deter the terrorists, and if that “religion’s” adherents, such as Mr. Obama, are also sullenly silent, then perhaps, after all, it is Islam itself that should no longer be tolerated.

Perhaps Mr. Obama and others who share his Muslim faith should be debarred from holding any public office on grounds of a grievous and life-threatening conflict of interest. To be silent in the face of Islamic terror is to be a sympathizer with that terror.

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