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Ithaca students now calling for college president's firing

Students at Ithaca College protest perceived campus racism. (Credit: WICB News Team, via Twitter and Mediaite)

First the University of Missouri – now Ithaca College. Students at the New York campus have followed Missouri’s lead and launched protests over perceived racism, similarly calling for the president to step down.

The rally at Ithaca was organized by a group called “People of Color,” Mediaiate reported. And just this week, they called for a vote of no confidence against the college president, Tom Rochon, as well as for him to abandon his leadership post.

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The Ithaca Journal reported one student asked at the protests: “How can a campus dedicated to preparing us for the real world not actively foster growth to our consciousness of oppression and privilege?”

It’s not clear what specific events or racist occurrences the students were actually protesting.

The students also held a die -in and silent demonstration aimed at capturing administrators’ attention and sending the message: We mean business.

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Ithaca’s Tom Grape, who chairs the board of trustees, sent out a statement that read, in part, Mediaite reported: “I hope that we will continue to see these conversations maintain the standard of mutual respect, a commitment to truth and an assumption that human beings must seek connection and common ground in order to make a difference.”

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Some of the students at the protest held up signs referencing Missouri University, where campus chaos about accusations of racism led to the president and chancellor to step down from their offices. Others dressed in the same black and yellow t-shirts decked with closed fists held signs saying, “Black Lives Matter.”