It’s time to fight hard for America

By Gina Loudon

I talk a lot about the encroachment of government into our private lives. People call those of us with a healthy disdain for government “paranoid” or “conspiratorial,” but this weekend I experienced it firsthand.

I was so pleased to get to fly to Minnesota to speak and sign books for an amazing group of patriots fighting for the very lives of our children in brave ways. More on that later.

The flight out was so frustrating that I took to social media writing: “I wish there were ever ONE time when I got on a commercial flight and didn’t feel like I might be that person that goes bat crazy because I am in such a herded rage by the time I sit down!”

I ended up tossed between bureaucratic failures so that I stood in three security lines before finally being permitted onto a plane. But that was nothing compared to what happened on the way home.

On the way home, the TSA detained me for a bottle of lotion. Couldn’t they have taken one look at me and known I do not fit the profile of a terrorist? Couldn’t they have opened the lotion and realized that it was merely … lotion? I begged them during my groping to let me go because I had arranged to fly home early to see my children in their costumes for our church harvest festival (Halloween day). I begged that I was missing my flight. Instead, I was taken to the manager.

They had no sympathy, and the TSA agent warned his manager in front of me that “this could escalate.”  I was dangerous. I became the whole focus of all of the TSA agents in security because I was not compliant.  After a long series of hassles they put me through, and the confiscation of my harmless, but expensive personal property that was not overweight (the label read 6.5 ounces, but it was half empty), they let me go just as my flight was announcing its departure.

I missed my flight.

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I decided to use the time until my new flight to get a broken nail fixed. I dragged all of my luggage around to the other terminal of the airport to get to the nail place, and by this point, I realized I had a raging headache from holding in all the things I wanted to say to the TSA.

I waited for the nail tech to come. When she arrived, I told her what I needed. She sadly informed me that she couldn’t help me. The EPA (Environmental “Protection” Agency) had ruled that they didn’t have proper ventilation in the airport, so they could no longer do what was needed to fix my broken nail. I asked her if they could then file all of my nails to the same length. Again, she couldn’t comply. The type of files used for that were not allowed because they are “dangerous” in an airport.

Now I was bona fide raging. I left to go get a massage to try to alleviate the headache resulting from what the TSA and the EPA had done to me.

The quiet massage room was very peaceful. Once the massage therapist began, I realized it wasn’t going to help unless it was a deep-tissue massage, so I asked for him to go deeper. He told me he would try, but that deep tissue massages (the only ones that I have found can alleviate a migraine) are a thing of the past, because the Health Department is cracking down on them as an “invasive medical practice.”

I laid there on that massage table facing the reality: Even if I could find a flight home in time to see my children off for their fun fall activities, I would be stuck with a splitting headache – a gift from the TSA, the EPA, and the Health Department. My day was a disaster, but my family was affected. That made me even angrier!

I posted that I never want to fly commercially again.

That’s sad, because what I did this weekend was so worthy of my time. The Child Protection League Action invited me to emcee a fundraising event where Dr. Judith Reisman presented her shocking research on the sexualization of our children, and how it is destroying them.

This is something near and dear to my heart as I observe the consequences of a society that seems to care more about the perpetrators, than the victims, who are mostly women and children.

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How is it that we have become a society much more concerned about the rights of perpetrators than the rights of women and children to be protected from them? How is it that we have become a society that has handed our freedom over to undereducated bureaucracies to regulate us out of our own rights and needs? How is it that the TSA, which has never stopped a single terrorist, still gets to put us through hell, like cattle led to slaughter? Why not privatize the whole thing, and get the government out of our lives?

If you want to see what socialism feels like, go through TSA security, and realize that if we continue to relinquish our freedoms, we will be standing in a line like that for bread and soup broth. I knew that government was a problem in our lives, but I had no idea how many ways it could affect my own life until my trip this weekend. It’s time to pull out all the stops, America, and fight. Fight hard, with everything you have. This weekend, I realized that it is almost too late.

Gina Loudon teams up with her fellow Politichicks in their first blockbuster, “What Women Really Want” — available at the WND Superstore

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