Michael Savage, talk-radio star and best-selling author, whose latest book “Government Zero” has surged at Barnes & Noble and Amazon, offered a blunt-but-realistic assessment of America, circa 2015, under President Obama that went like this: We’re all “living in a dictatorship” and the time needed to reboot is rapidly coming to an end.

In an interview on Newsmax TV with host Steve Malzberg, Savage went so far as to call for a Nuremberg-style trial against Obama.

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Savage, who hosts a daily three-hour syndicated show, “The Savage Nation,” that also takes top billing among live streamers, according to Talk Stream Live, warned of the growing influence of Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, George Soros and the like.

“They run the show,” he said, Gateway Pundit reported. “There is no democracy. You know it.”

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Savage acknowledged the big wins Republicans saw in Tuesday’s elections, including Ohio’s vote against legalized marijuana and Houston’s rejection of transgender equality. But he then warned: These wins won’t translate into White House concessions to the people.

“[There were] big conservative wins. Just like in 2014,” Savage said, before reminding how Obama dismissed the voice of the people. “Remember what happened? This thing in the White House [said] it’s a small minority of people. Said to the people, ‘Go to hell, your vote doesn’t count. I’ll do what I want anyway.'”

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Savage’s assessment?

“We’re living in a dictatorship,” he said. “We need an impeachment right now. And more than that. … I’ve been calling on my show in the last few days – I’m so pissed off – for more than impeachment because I know that can’t happen. Remember the Nuremberg trials in World War II for what the Nazis had done to the world? It sounds extremist, but it really isn’t. We need a Wichita People’s Trial in America conducted by the people online – prosecution, defense, jury.”

And the big question they would determine, Savage said: “Is Obama guilty of crimes against America?”

He finished: “The people have to do it. Whether we have any effect or not is almost irrelevant. At least we can express ourselves,” Mediaite reported.

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Savage also took a few moments to comment on a Quinnipiac national poll that found Republicans Ben Carson, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio could all beat Democrat Hillary Clinton in a presidential match-up – but not Donald Trump. Savage scoffed at the survey, calling it a “lying poll, another part of the Democrat establishment,” and “utter nonsense.”

The survey put Trump behind Clinton by three percentage points.

“They want anyone but Trump because he’s a threat to the established order,” he went on, then calling Carson inexperienced and “very vulnerable,” incapable of beating Clinton.

“[He’s] a good man, wonderman man, blah blah, we’ve all said that, he should be running HHS [Health and Human Services] not the U.S.A.,” Savage said. “The other one? What’s his name, the ice cream man from Miamia? I can’t remember his name … yeah, the ice cream man from Miami. Rubio. … The man is an open borders guy. Look at who’s behind him. Billionaire Republican Shelden Aldeson. Billionaire Democrat Larry Ellison. Both back Rubio, why? They both want cheap labor.”

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