MSNBC host Chris Hayes and Saadiq Long

A man who was used by American leftists as an example of righteous outrage over the U.S. government’s no-fly lists and the supposed biased targeting of innocent Muslims has been arrested and jailed by Turkish authorities who say he’s tied to ISIS.

Saadiq Long and his family members were all arrested near the Turkey-Syria border earlier this month on charges they belonged to an ISIS terrorist cell, PJ Media reported.

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What’s most interesting about the arrest is Long was the face chosen by the likes of MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, Mother Jones magazine and author and columnist Glenn Greenwald to use as an example of government surveillance gone wrong.

As PJ Media reported: “His story got considerable media attention when his [Council on American-Islamic Relations] media representatives here pushed the story that Long wanted to return to his native Oklahoma from his current home in Qatar to visit his ailing mother, but couldn’t because he was on the [Transportation Security Administration’s] no-fly list. They said his case represented institutional ‘Islamophobia.'”

Greenwald, for instance, posted a piece at the Guardian decrying how Long was “effectively exiled from his own country,” while Kevin Drum of Mother Jones likened his plight to a “Kafkaesque World.”

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Long did get to return to Oklahoma for a short period, but was watched by FBI officials. He was then prevented from returning to Qatar, and the far left again expressed outrage.

Long finally left America via a bus through Mexico, and then took a plane back to Qatar, PJ Media reported.

Both American and Turkish officials confirmed he’d been arrested, along with eight others.

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