Cannabis oil

Cannabis oil

Gov. Chris Christie signed his name to a new law requiring educators across New Jersey to adopt rules allowing students with developmental disabilities and proper prescriptions to take their medical marijuana doses at school.

The law is the first of its kind in the nation and is aimed at helping those whose only medical relief comes in the form of an edible cannabis product, like oil.

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“Clearly this has been in discussion for quite a while and we are happy to accommodate and certainly want to help our families,” said Bellmar’s Larco School director Susan Weiner, in

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Marijuana has been shown to help those with epilepsy control their seizures. It’s also a benefit for those with autism and other medical issues.

The new law was inspired by a teenage girl who attends Larc but suffers from frequent seizures. Her parents fought for the legal right to administer their daughter’s medical marijuana dose at lunchtime, but were consistently turned down. The new law now clears the path for them to do just that.

“[We’re] thrilled we have gotten to this point,” said Roger Barbour, the girl’s father, in


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