Editor’s note: Joseph Farah is leading the annual WND tour of Israel through Nov. 15.

JERUSALEM – As I headed to Israel this week, I was curious to read the latest security alert from Barack Obama’s State Department for travel advisories.

Since I’ve been to Israel many, many times over the last 35 years – four times in just the last three years – I take these notices with a grain of salt. Suffice it to say I think I have a better handle on the security situation than John Kerry does.

It turns out State is tightening restrictions on travel for its employees in Israel since the spike in Arab violence that has killed eight Israelis and injured dozens more. In fact, it is prohibiting U.S. employees from traveling to what it calls “the West Bank” and the Old City of Jerusalem after dark.

Note these are areas with heavy concentrations of Arab “Palestinians.” Those are the people attacking Israelis, mostly civilians. But the State Department doesn’t blame the perpetrators of these crimes. Instead, U.S. officials blame … the Israelis.

According to State Department “analysts,” the fact that Israel is building homes in the Jewish state accounts for the increased violence. A secondary “cause,” U.S. officials say, are visits to the Temple Mount area by Jews seeking to pray on what they consider to be the holiest site in Judaism.

“Such violence erupts periodically, with some analysts citing a correlation with conflict over Israeli settlements in Palestinian neighborhoods, Israeli visits to the Haram al-Sharif/Temple Mount (HAS/TM) compound, restrictions on HAS/TM for Palestinians,” said the report.

Reports like this have some of our tour participants expressing concerns about safety.

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You know what I tell them?

“I would be more concerned about walking around at night in Chicago, Baltimore, Newark and certain parts of Los Angeles and New York and Atlanta – all cities under nearly 100 percent Democratic Party control.”

It’s true.

Israel is much safer than those places. It’s not just because of the police and military presence. It is also safer because Israelis themselves are armed to teeth. Anyone who decides to stab an Israeli in a public place, the latest rage, faces almost certain death as a result. Even in a culture propagandized to believe dying for the cause of Allah brings instant rewards, it’s only a small minority who find such a decision inviting.

But the nonsense coming out of the State Department these days is indicative of one thing: The U.S. now has the most anti-Israel president ever. The blaming-the-victim mentality we see from State Department apparatchiks starts right at the top – Obama and Kerry.

If only Obama blamed his party’s policies for the violence in nearly every major U.S. city presided over by Democrats. Can you imagine that? Instead, he blames guns.

Well, you know, it’s always something … people praying, building houses, getting guns.

I’ve lived in parts of America where almost everyone is armed. You know what? There’s very little crime and precious few shootings.

I’ve been in places in America, like schools, where prayer is effectively banned. It hasn’t stopped the shootings and the violence.

I’ve seen lots of houses built in America, but never noticed a correlation between construction and terrorism.

I guess you have to be a U.S. State Department “analyst” to see these things.

It’s all a matter of perspective.

Anyway, I look forward to returning to the U.S. in a couple weeks with some new insights into arguably the most controversial nation in the world – the one and only Jewish state, the one and only outpost of freedom in the Middle East and the bane of Barack Obama’s existence.

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