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A well-known cattle rancher was killed in a shootout with Idaho police on Sunday.

Police in Council, Idaho, responded to an accident involving a Subaru station wagon and a black bull. Jack Yantis, 62, was shot and killed before the day was over. An investigation was immediately launched by the Idaho State Police.

Adams County Sheriff Ryan Zollman told KTVB-7 on Monday the injured bull was a danger to emergency workers trying to free injured passengers from their vehicle. Officers then called Yantis and told him about the animal.

“The bull was very agitated and was aggressive to emergency services, as well as the other cars coming up and down the highway,” Zollman said.

Yantis arrived at the scene Sunday night with a shotgun and was fatally wounded shortly afterward. Two deputies and Yantis all fired their weapons.

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“This is going to be a big hit to this community,” Zollman said, the network reported. “The gentleman involved, Mr. Yantis, was a well-known cattle rancher around here. It’s just a sad deal for everybody involved, for the whole community.”

“It’s just a horrible situation for the people who hit the bull – everybody involved. For the officers, the family, it’s just terrible,” added local resident Julie Wilson.

Both officers are on paid administrative leave. Their names will not be released while the investigation is underway.

Yantis’ wife, Donna, suffered a heart attack after hearing of his death. She is in critical condition at a local hospital, the network reported.

The two crash victims were airlifted to a Boise hospital. Their names and condition have not been released.

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