A Muslim boy was videotaped by his terrorist teachers beheading a Syrian soldier.

A Muslim boy was videotaped by his terrorist teachers beheading a Syrian soldier.

Noted atheist Richard Dawkins took to Twitter to make a mocking comparison between Ahmed “Clock Boy” Mohamed and an ISIS child soldier, suggesting the two seemed to share the common trait of presenting one front, but being another.

In reference to “Clock Boy,” the Muslim high school student who sparked nationwide debate by bringing a homemade clock to school that staffers and teachers said looked like a bomb, and who is now suing the district for millions of dollars for discrimination, Dawkins tweeted, Breitbart reported: “‘But he’s only a kid.’ Yes, a ‘kid’ old enough to sue for $15M those whom he hoaxed. And how old is this ‘kid?'”

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Dawkins then linked to an article at International Business Times that contained a screen shot of a YouTube video of a young Muslim boy preparing a Syrian victim for beheading.

His subtle message: Both may be “kids,” but they are hardly innocents.

Dawkins clarified his tweet a while later, after several social media posters expressed outrage at the comparison.

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“Exactly right, thank you,” he wrote, in response to one tweet. “The two are comparable in NO other respect than that they are both young.”

Dawkins has been an outspoken critic of “Clock Boy.” As WND previously reported, he expressed skepticism about the boy’s motives for bringing the clock to school, and said it hardly looked homemade – that the device “looks like a hoax,” not invention.


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