Michael Savage

Michael Savage

Michael Savage

In an interview with Steve Malzberg on Newsmax TV, Savage said Savage said President Obama should be tried by an online “people’s court” for “crimes against America”: “We’re living in a dictatorship. We need an impeachment right now. And more than that. … I’ve been calling on my show in the last few days – I’m so pissed off – for more than impeachment because I know that can’t happen. Remember the Nuremberg trials in World War II for what the Nazis had done to the world? It sounds extremist, but it really isn’t. We need a Wichita People’s Trial in America conducted by the people online – prosecution, defense, jury.”

Savage also appeared on Larry King’s show to promote his new book “Government Zero,” and told King that Donald Trump was the only Republican who could beat Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Rush Limbaugh

He’s the world’s richest man, and got that way through the capitalist system, but now it sounds like Bill Gates wants everyone else to live under socialism.

After the Microsoft founder pushed a carbon tax in the latest issue of The Atlantic, Rush Limbaugh said Gates sounded like a character out of “The Twilight Zone,” but added that there was a practical reason behind the socialist rhetoric: “There is an explanation for this. … Let me share with you a theory that I have, ladies and gentlemen … to explain why people like Gates and Buffett and a number of these other super billionaires talk like Marxist liberals all the time. It is to keep people away from their money. It is to send the message, ‘Hey, we don’t threaten you, leave me alone. I’m spending all my money on philanthropy. I’m giving money to AIDS. I’m giving money to Africa. I’m giving money to global warming. I’m giving money to the arts. I’m giving money to support gay marriage and transgenders. Leave me alone.'”

A new biography claims that former president George H. W. Bush is highly critical of his son’s close advisors Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld. Limbaugh for one finds it hard to believe that Bush Sr. said any of these things – but couldn’t divulge all the reasons why: “Folks, there’s so much of this, a lot of this doesn’t pass the smell test in ways that I cannot divulge I have smelled things. I just can’t. … This just doesn’t compute, folks. I’m sorry. I wish I could go further. I can’t. It’s called discretion, secrecy, promises, and so forth, but it doesn’t wash here, for me (Free audio).”

Aaron Klein

This week, Klein revealed future Democratic Party plans for data collection on legal gun owners and enhanced firearms regulation.

Just when Hillary thought she skated by on Benghazi, Klein broke a number of Benghazi stories, including a dramatic, largely ignored scene that transpired at the U.S. embassy in Tripoli and involves a female office manager – not U.S. Marines – protecting classified communications equipment and documents under Hillary’s watch.

Klein also asked if the Clinton Foundation one big money laundering front, and looked into ISIS’s claim of responsibility for the downing of a Russian passenger aircraft.

Listen to Aaron Klein’s show every week on radio (AM 970 The Answer in NY; NewsTalk 990 AM in Philly) or online.

Laura Ingraham

Gov. Chris Christie slammed Marco Rubio on Laura Ingraham’s show this week, over his support for Obama’s executive order amnesty.

“I don’t know why anyone would want to have someone who is not going to enforce the law, as the chief law enforcement officer of the United States,” Christie said. “I’ve said very clearly that the President’s conduct is illegal. … If those executive orders are illegal, which I believe they are, then they need to be revoked the first day you get in office (Free audio).”

Ingraham’s other guests this week included Peggy Noonan, who called Jeb Bush “a fantastic governor but an awful candidate;” and J.V. Last (“The Jeb Bush campaign is over, the incoming money to the actual campaign might be drying up because it is separate from his Super PAC”) (Free audio).

Mark Levin

As Republicans continue to criticize the biased debates being aired by the mainstream media, Mark Levin says he’d gladly step in as a moderator.

He told Stephen K. Bannon of Breitbart News Daily that the issue of biased moderators goes beyond “the Pretorian Guard media,” and that the GOP establishment must share the blame for agreeing to the programs’ formats.

“The issue is a structural one,” Levin said, “and it’s time to get this right or the Republican Party is going to continue to get beaten up (Free video).”

Back on his own program, Levin said that impeaching Obama probably wouldn’t succeed, but that he and his legal team are considering filing an ethics complain to disbar the president, at least temporarily.

After all, his team was the same one that got Bill Clinton’s law license suspended for eight years, he said, and he is willing to do the same thing to Obama if necessary (Free audio).

Glenn Beck

“Fortune” magazine had some fun at the host’s expense this week, reporting: “Glenn Beck’s website has a suggestion for who would be the best choice to moderate an upcoming Republican debate: Glenn Beck. … TheBlaze reported that an official associated with one of the Republican presidential campaigns claims that Glenn Beck’s name is being considered as a moderator for one of the upcoming Republican debates. The website did not name the source. And it labeled the story an ‘exclusive.’ … TheBlaze writes that Beck would make for a good moderator because he is a ‘fair reviewer,’ though this in itself might not be a fair review considering the publication is owned and operated by The Blaze Inc., a private company founded in 2011 by none other than Glenn Beck.”

On his radio show, Beck compared presidential hopeful Ben Carson to Jimmy Carter.

He recalled that during the 1976 campaign – the first presidential contest after the Watergate scandal – Americans “ran to a guy – and the deal with Jimmy Carter was – pretty much nobody even looked at his policies. He was a humble guy. He was a preacher. He carried his own luggage to the plane.”

Beck stated that Carter had all the “earmarks” of a good guy – but he turned out to be a disaster for the country.

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