Michael Savage

Michael Savage

Michael Savage

Despite an almost complete blackout of attention from major liberal media outlets, Savage’s new book “Government Zero” is now No. 3 on the New York Times nonfiction bestseller list.

Savage’s publisher, Center Street, also announced that the book was #12 on the USA Today bestseller list.

“Michael Savage has tapped into a prevailing concern that our government is out-of-touch with the citizens it is supposed to serve,” said Savage’s publisher Rolf Zettersten. “His book resonates with a growing audience that has lost patience with a government gone amok.”

On Veteran’s Day, Savage paused to honor “a faithful listener who helped rid the world of a tyrant.”

A caller phoned in to tell Savage about his late father, a World War II hero who, he said, “loved Savage like a son.”

Savage asked if America “can ever win a war again with the sissies and whiners that we have in colleges today”: “It’s enough to make you puke when you look at the kids on campuses today screaming about garbage. Garbage! Because someone looked at them the wrong way. They call a lawyer! Or the illegal aliens. They want to break into my country, and anyone who stands up to them is a racist. That’s because men like this are dead. … They were some of the bravest men in history.”

Rush Limbaugh

“Look at all of the made-up – totally made-up – stories that not a shred of it is true on college campus.”

As race-based hysteria broke out at the University of Missouri this week (including a false KKK sighting and a rumored swastika graffiti made of excrement) Limbaugh said to his audience, “Honestly, folks, I am a little embarrassed that I did not voice my suspicions that this wasn’t real. I just didn’t have the confidence to do it, I will admit it. This is a great lesson on how seductive standard, everyday media reporting is. Look, I’m not alone. Everybody bought into it.”

Limbaugh then pointed out that the leader of that campus’ “anti-racism” movement – a movement obsessed with “white privilege” – is a graduate student whose father is a multi-millionaire.

Limbaugh was watching Mark Halperin’s show on Bloomberg TV when he heard the journalist make a startling admission, albeit in a roundabout way. Halperin waved off various controversies swirling about GOP candidate Ben Carson by saying, “is not dodging the draft or Gennifer Flowers.”‘

This lead Limbaugh to note: “Are you guys kidding me? You shielded Clinton from all that. … What is the point here? You guys are admitting that the media is an opposition force, and in this instance Carson overcame it. You’re admitting it. The media’s on your side. I think it’s a hell of an admission.(Free audio)”

Mark Levin

As a guest on Levin’s show this week, Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump spent some time talking about Hillary Clinton’s new haircut.

“She has a new hairdo, did you notice that today?” asked Trump.

“That’s a wig,” Levin replied. “I think it’s a wig. Nothing personal, look I’m not against wigs, people can wear whatever they want.”

“I’ve never seen Hillary with that hairdo,” Trump continued, “so I think that’s an okay thing to say, but it was very different (Free audio).”

Commentators Bill O’Reilly and George Will have been feuding over the facts in O’Reilly’s new book about Ronald Reagan. Levin is siding with Will: “And let me say this: I’m skeptical of all the media – all of it. When the highest-rated program on our favorite cable network is hawking a book that trashes the greatest president – certainly in modern history – certainly in the top two or three of all history – a record in defeating the Soviet Union, a record of pushing communism out of this hemisphere, a record in the greatest economic growth, probably in American history, a record that made America proud again – proud again. A man who built up the United States military. A man who built a shining city on a hill. A man who turned this country around when the last left-wing kook president was driving us into the sewer. When a so-called conservative network, and the highest-rated show is pedaling a smear on this man. Shame on him and shame on them. That is correct (Free audio).”

Laura Ingraham

Ted Cruz used an appearance on Ingraham’s show to slam opponent Marco Rubio on immigration.

“Talk is cheap,” Cruz said to Ingraham. “You know where someone is based on their actions. As the Scripture says, you shall know them based on their fruits.”

Cruz noted that Rubio was one of the “Gang of Eight” lawmakers who opposed measures to tighten border security.

Ingraham’s other guests this week included Carly Fiorina on her opposition to the TPP deal; Sen. Rand Paul, who also attacked Rubio; Tucker Carlson, who analyzed Jeb Bush’s latest moves; Mark Halperin (“I could make the case today that Ted Cruz will be the nominee”) and Gov. Huckabee, who is proposing new debate structure (Free audio).

Glenn Beck

After the Fox Business Republican candidates’ debate, Beck picked his winners and losers.

He praised Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Carly Fiorina and called Jeb Bush the “biggest loser.”

Using capital letters on Facebook, Beck wrote that Ohio governor John Kasich was an “EPIC LOSER … Just bad on every front. EPICALLY BAD. Looked rude, old, desperate, cheap, and wildly wrong ON MANY FRONTS. That was a suicide mission on himself. No presidency, no vice presidency and no virgins.”

Beck has a new Christmas book out – and it was “reviewed” at Beck’s own site. Not surprisingly, the “reviewer” praised it highly: “The tale fast becomes a wild mix of ‘Gladiator,’ New Testament Bible dramas and that incredible change-of-heart experienced by Ebenezer Scrooge – all woven into folklore that could have been crafted by the Brothers Grimm. It is raw and gripping and passionate and intense.

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