Why has the high and mighty Supreme Court gotten away with acting like a Third-World dictatorial junta? The reason is – or was – the effortlessly ineffectual John Boehner, a hornless, toothless RINO, who failed to remember that his first duty as speaker was to uphold the constitutional place of the United States Congress as the sole law-making entity envisioned by your Founding Fathers.

The Constitution opens with these plain words: “All legislative power herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.” Period. No ifs. No buts. No maybes. No “on the one hand, on the other.”

Yet the inveterate invertebrate Boehner looked the other way as their supreme arrogances began ever more openly to defy Congress and the Constitution by making up laws on the hoof, without the slightest legal, moral, constitutional or other justification.

Why did these custard-faced, dusty-begowned fossils decide, in defiance not only of the Bible of the God who is invoked in your Declaration of Independence but also of the Constitution that is supposed to serve as their tablets of stone, as well as of any law made by Congress (reread Justice Scalia’s hilariously trenchant dissenting opinion to confirm these points), to issue what amounts in practice to a new statute to the effect so-called “gay” so-called “marriage” was a “constitutional right”?

They did so because they could. They knew that the spavined, knock-kneed, limp-wristed Boehner was the last person to rock the boat by standing up for Congress and its sole right to legislate. And they knew that the herd of RINOs in both Houses would not stampede across the road to the Supreme Court and trample it firmly into a renewed submission to the Constitution that they were sworn to uphold.

Now the relentlessly feeble Boehner has been swept aside. He is still a waste of the space he occupies, but he is no longer a waste of space standing in the way of the reassertion by Congress of its exclusive power, as the elected legislative assembly, to make or repeal the law.

Step forward, Speaker Ryan. Sir, you will need to act as swiftly and decisively as your unlamented predecessor tardily and ditheringly opted for the do-nothing option. You must now reassert the authority of Congress and put the over-mighty injustices of the Supreme Court back in their due constitutional place.

Here’s how. Talk to Rep. Lamar Smith, the energetic and determined chairman of the House Space, Science and Technology Committee. He and his staff have been made aware of the scandalous mistreatment by the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics of Dr. Willie Soon, an award-winning solar physicist whom the Center’s director falsely accused of having failed to disclose in his climate-skeptical science papers that he had received from an electricity generating corporation less money in grants to assist his research into solar physics than a burger-flipper might have earned.

The Smithsonian Institution has now, in effect, conceded that Dr. Soon was in the right all along, and that its director, Charles Alcock, had been incorrect to try to shift the blame onto Dr. Soon. For it turned out that the center had entered into a contract with Dr. Soon’s funder, by which it – and accordingly its employee Dr. Soon – was debarred from disclosing the funder’s identity. Dr. Soon had played no part whatsoever in negotiating the contract. He was merely obliged by contract law to comply.

Now the Smithsonian has quietly altered one of the hundreds of inspissate bureaucratic “directives” by which it misgoverns itself, so as to state that in future no arm of the institution may in future agree to contracts whose terms require the funder’s identity to be kept confidential.

That is a huge implicit admission of guilt on the part of an Institution that had, until now, prided itself on treating its employees decently and fairly.

However, no public apology has been made to Dr. Soon. No investigation of the Smithsonian’s rank misconduct in negotiating the confidentiality clause, in breaching it and then in blaming Dr. Soon for the alleged nondisclosure has been carried out.

Instead, the Smithsonian’s prejudiced “inspector general” selectively engaged in the pantomime of “investigating” Dr. Soon, who was and is manifestly blameless.

Since I was the lead author of a scientific paper in the Science Bulletin of the Chinese Academy of Sciences that first led to the climate-communist hate campaign against the innocent Dr. Soon that raged for months in the Marxstream media, I and my distinguished co-authors, professor David Legates and Dr. Matt Briggs, investigated Alcock’s misconduct and sent a detailed report to the Smithsonian.

What is more, we had the support of some 500 signatures from the world’s most eminent scientists on both sides of the climate divide. I mailed hard copies to each of the 40 regents of the Smithsonian, with a personal note to each. The chief regent, by virtue of his office, is none other than Chief Justice Roberts of the Supreme Court.

Neither Roberts nor any of the other regents wrote to me even to acknowledge receipt of the 500 scientists’ report. Roberts’ plain duty was to enquire into Alcock’s malevolent misbehavior (this remarkably stupid and evil man even went so far as to pretend that the center does not exist so that he could falsely and publicly blame Dr. Soon for stating that he is affiliated to it), to remove him from office, to compensate Dr. Soon for the months of agony to which he was subjected, and to issue a public and comprehensive apology to him. We even drafted an apology that would have met the case nicely.

But Roberts was far too grand, too arrogant, too unmindful of his duty of care to Dr. Soon and – let us be blunt – too bone-idle even to lift a dictating-machine and draft a reply to our joint letter to him; still less to convene a meeting of the regents and hale Alcock before them to tear off his epaulettes and tell him to sling his hook.

Speaker Ryan and Chairman Smith, over to you. You have Roberts exactly where you want him. Your duty is to defend Dr. Soon against the over-mighty Roberts, and that means bringing Roberts before Congress to answer for his continuing failure to ensure fair treatment for Dr. Soon. If you can find some constitutional power to remove Roberts, then you should do so. He is not a fit or proper person to exercise any judicial or other public office whatsoever. Away with him, and good riddance. None will weep for this indolent and decrepit chief injustice.

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