[To Joseph Farah:] I read your Nov. 25 column with particular interest. I, too, have a question that I believe will serve to expose each candidate for who and what they truly are. Not only that, it will serve to coalesce Americans behind the kind of leadership that is so sorely needed at this time, leaders who are:

  • God-fearing
  • directed by principle, not polls
  • grounded in constitutional rule of law
  • credible by their actions, not their rhetoric
  • selfless servants, true patriots

Granted, a national 2 Chronicles 7:14 response by believers is what is ultimately needed to make America great again. But time is of the essence and threatens to deny such a revival because “We the People” are being led astray by forces of dishonesty and disunity.

There is a question that should be posed to each of the GOP candidates, to which their answer would reveal if they posses the proper priorities of a true patriot, indicating their worthiness of the highest office in the land. The wrong answer should disqualify them for that office. The right answer merely advances their argument for consideration.

The question is simple:

“Would you accept a subordinate role, say VP or Cabinet member, if that would create the needed resources, votes and synergy for victory and help restore America’s greatness?”

Anyone unable to answer affirmatively or who might even try to disregard the premise of the question – that they might not be the candidate of choice – would expose a greater consideration for self than for country. That would repudiate their suitability to lead America’s resurgence. We need all hands on deck bringing their supporters with them. Those not interested in saving the ship need not apply to be its captain.

I hope you will help to get this question to the fore. Thanks for all you and the whole WND team are doing!

Bruce Radcliffe

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