Innocence is repulsive to many liberals.

Their contempt forms the subtext of leftist policies involving children, like the gender-rebellion con job Obama’s federal Department of Education is attempting through mandates about school bathrooms and locker rooms, twisting U.S. Title IX law in the process.

Modesty? Privacy? Chastity? So dull, so unenlightened. Semi-nude cavorting in pride parades is what children really need, along with sex educators and homosexual adults to rescue them from the prison of their parents’ repression. Get out there, kids, and explore being “queer,” and the ACLU will defend your rights if needed.

These activists have an obsessive desire to “support” and “protect” children. Most parents and grandparents would call it corruption.

But the reality goes further and gets darker. The correlation between child molestation and the development of same-sex attraction for some youth is irrefutable. (Colleague Jason Salamone makes the case with numerous citations in this article.)

Wholesome young faces who should be left to develop normally are too tempting for some elite sexual anarchists, believing they are exempt from bourgeois mores. Children, if asked, would really prefer not to be lured somewhere by a shady adult, shown pornography, given alcohol or drugs, told they “want this” and were “born this way” and end up in intimate contact they never chose, contact that messes with their body and soul and may take a lifetime to overcome.

Many recover, but some go on to embrace these premature, perverted desires. Some even become advocates for overturning marriage and civil rights law to enshrine homosexuality and gender rebellion as norms.

The movement for “LGBT equality” is largely built on this quicksand. All of America is endangered if we bless the rotten fruits of criminal conduct against children. Are we insane?

It’s time America called the homosexual activists on their Stockholm syndrome. They were not born this way, but created through sexual indoctrination.

The dictionary defines “Stockholm syndrome” as “the psychological tendency of a hostage to bond with, identify with, or sympathize with his or her captor.”

Our laws, cultural standards and even our Constitution are being shredded by the demands of deviants who weren’t always so. They were corrupted, often through child molestation.

Should any responsible American reward child molesters?

I began investigating homosexuality after discovering what these activists were selling to America’s children. I read a selection of books recommended by GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, and PFLAG, Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays.

These books contain too-numerous-to-count lurid boy-to-boy encounters, but also passages depicting boys having sexual contact with adult males, presented uncritically as normal, real-life experiences.

Now, why would pro-homosexual groups recommend such books if it’s true that homosexuals are never molesters and if they do not support criminal behavior? After I began to publicize these book lists, they disappeared from the Internet sites where they had been posted for years.

A vulnerable boy may be seduced by an uncle, cousin, or the guy down the street. Or if he is somehow persuaded he was “born that way,” he may then show up at the local community center for “gay” youth where he’ll meet older homosexuals who will take advantage of his youth and misinformation.

Or he may be picked up through an app for homosexual male hook-ups like Grindr, said to be useful to teen male prostitutes (often victims of earlier molestation). A Grindr hook-up occurred in the molestation case involving Terry Bean and a 15-year old boy. Bean is a founder of the Human Rights Campaign and a prominent Democratic Party and Obama fundraiser.

Charges against Bean were dropped when the boy victim refused to testify. Bean had previously offered a “settlement” of $225,000 to the boy but a judge wouldn’t allow it. This smells to high heaven like an out-of-court pay-off to this boy.

A boy’s molester may be a Boy Scout leader. John Helmstreet, “gay” activist, former Scout leader, former priest and member of PFLAG-Toledo, led a demonstration years ago calling for more open homosexuals like him to lead troops, even though he had already served time for his molestation of a 10-year-old boy.

Logic? It’s not what the “L” stands for in “LGBT.” Still, these relentless activists pressured the Scouts and their corporate donors, reframing their demands as “equality.” They also apparently infiltrated and internally corrupted the Scout ranks, so the organization now stands as a haven for boy corruption.

Criminal sexual abuse is a tragedy for these children, but we all pay a high price when it creates new homosexuals who demand the upending of American liberties and morality. It’s irrational to enshrine as a “civil right” an inclination that would not exist much of the time if children were left alone in their formative years.

It’s not just everyday predatory males, although those incidents continue to be prevalent. Lesbian teachers, coaches and instructors are implicated in recent incidents involving girls as young as 11.

But “gay” icons Harry Hay and poet Allen Ginsberg both celebrated pedophilia. Larry Kramer, founder of ACT-UP, advocated youth-adult sex (while claiming he didn’t, in “gay” double-speak, as pro-family leader Peter LaBarbera has pointed out.)

An Atlanta homosexual activist, Gary Salles, a self-declared pedophile, was caught in an undercover sting for possessing child pornography and offering teen boys for sale.

Larry Brinkin, member of the San Francisco Human Rights Commission and well-known “gay” activist, lived with a long-time partner and a teenaged son when he was arrested for child porn possession involving children as young as 1 to 2 years old.

Yet early sexuality, even gender distortion, are “rights” this movement will continue to demand for other people’s children, as they set your offspring free of the boundaries of age, gender, informed consent and the wisdom of Almighty God.

Will we let this movement continue corrupting children? Aberrant sexual conduct is not the key to a bright future.

It’s the key to the gates of hell.

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