Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump

An attorney for Donald Trump sent a stern warning to the Republican National Committee via CNN broadcast, setting Reince Priebus on notice – along with those in the establishment wing of the party who are trying to take down the front-runner candidate – by saying the attacks better stop, or else.

Michael Cohen, one of Trump’s attorneys, referenced the pact Trump made with the RNC a few weeks to support the eventual Republican Party candidate, even if it weren’t him. But that agreement came with a caveat. As Cohen said, the terms were null and void if the RNC unleashed attack dogs on Trump.

“If they treat him fairly, he will honor the pledge because he’s an honorable guy,” Cohen said, CNN reported. “If they break that agreement with him, as they say: ‘woe be on them.'”

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He said the RNC’s chairman, Reince Priebus, has a duty to give Trump fair treatment.

“If they don’t this will be a very, very bad thing for the Republican Party,” he said, Raw Story reported.

The warning follows a previous report of various media outlets banding together to demand Trump grant their reporters and correspondents better access. As reported by WND, the executives of five television outlets recently huddled to express complaints about how the Trump campaign was treating their journalists, and to create a collaborative plan to compel the campaign to kowtow to their wishes.

Cohen’s admonition also comes as New Day for America, a Super PAC supporting Ohio Gov. John Kasich for the Republican nominee for president, has heated up the fundraising trail to go after Trump with attack ads.

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Cohen was specifically incensed at the idea of other presidential campaigns’ donors pooling funds to take out Trump.

“[That’s a] bad, bad decision,” he said, during his CNN interview.

The Trump campaign is hardly paranoid.

Leading Republican pundit and frequent media guest Karl Rove has stated repeatedly his aversion for Trump. Most recently, the former “architect” of George W. Bush’s presidential campaigns mocked Trump as “entertaining,” but possessed of little political substance.

WNYC reported Rove saying: “I’m amused that he wastes all this time [bashing] me … but it’s a mark of distinction that he’s this publicly weird.”

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And on “Morning Joe” on MSNBC, Rove doubted to host Joe Scarborough that Trump could actually win the general election.

“My view is ‘no,’ he can’t win the general election,” Rove said, “but we’ll see. If Mitt Romney lost with 27 percent among Latinos, how good would somebody do who’s got an 11 percent approval rating [among Latinos]?”

Rove also said on MSNBC that while he believed Trump could win the Republican nomination, he didn’t think “it’s likely.”

Voters would seem to disagree.

Consistently and across nearly all polls, both national and state, Trump has led the pack of Republicans for president for weeks. Former neurosurgeon Ben Carson started coming on strong, and even tied Trump or surpassed him in a couple of polls in the past two weeks. But shortly after the Paris terror attacks, Trump surged with American voters again, while Carson stalled and fell behind several percentage points.

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A Reuters rolling poll that displays results for the past five days puts Trump at 38 percent, well ahead of Carson, who has just under 12 percent. Sen. Ted Cruz, who’s been talked up in recent days as the next candidate to give Trump a real challenge for the top spot, is also just under 12 percent in the Reuters survey.

Some of the other candidates in the Republican race haven’t reacted kindly to their poor showings in the polls, jumping on the bandwagon already boarded by Rove, Priebus and the New Day for American Super PAC.

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Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush recently came out swinging against Trump, telling CNN from a South Carolina platform the billionaire’s comments about Black Lives Matter protesters and the Muslim community “create a grievous kind of culture,” the Hill reported.

Bush also said, decrying Trump: “Our country is too good for this. The whole idea of preying on people’s deep-seated fears of what the future looks like is not going to work as a campaign tactic over the long haul.”

Kasich’s campaign, meanwhile, issued an ad that appeared to shame Republicans who support him. And even Cruz made a couple of direct references to Trump in the last few days, going out of his way to distance himself from the billionaire’s views on registering Muslims.

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“I’m a big fan of Donald Trump’s but I’m not a fan of government registries of American citizens,” Cruz said from Iowa, Bloomberg Politics reported. “The First Amendment protects religious liberty. I’ve spent the past several decades defending religious liberty.”

He also said in a recent interview with the Associated Press that “tone matters” during discussions of heated policy issues.

“Are there some in the Republican Party whose rhetoric is unhelpful with regard to immigration? Yes,” Cruz said, without naming names.

But as the Washington Post reported, all the rhetoric and campaigns to take down Trump could prove fruitless. In a story with the headline, “Plan A for GOP donors: Wait for Trump to fall. (There is no Plan B.),” the general finding was: “Most of the party’s financiers and top strategists are sitting on the sidelines. Many are reluctant to spend money against Trump after watching others fumble as they tried to handle his counter-punches.”

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