Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump

How much higher can Donald Trump’s popularity rise?

Trump has leaped ahead 17 percentage points among likely Republican voters since Nov. 6, when he was tied with Ben Carson at 25 percent. Despite what many saw as a poor-spirited attack on Carson about the retired surgeon’s “pathological temper,” Trump continues to surge ahead in the polls.

“The Republican establishment has long expected the outspoken billionaire to fade,” suggested Yahoo News, “and he has yet to give it the satisfaction. Trump has consistently held more than 25 percent of the support among all Republicans in the Reuters/Ipsos rolling poll for more than two months.”

AP noted the “Republican establishment has been growing increasingly alarmed at his staying power.”

Rush Limbaugh seems to think he has the answer to this mystery: immigration. In the wake of the horrific Paris terrorist attacks, immigration is once again at the forefront of voters’ minds. “I think the establishment and everybody in the media continues to miss this,” noted Limbaugh.

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Limbaugh points out some of the complexities involved in the immigration issue. “On the Republican donor side, you’ve got cheap labor. … On the Democrat side, you’ve got future Democrat voters, voter registration, permanent underclass, more dependence, a way to grow government and so forth. … And then also on the left you have people who really think that by supporting amnesty and endless immigration, they’re showing how big their hearts are. … This is about anything but economics. The American people are being creamed economically with this issue. The American people are seeing their wages stagnate, their jobs vanish, and it’s happening on purpose. And if you want to have compassion, if you want to call this a compassion issue, the compassion needs to be for the 94 million Americans who are not working. … And you cannot erase illegal immigration from that equation.”

Trump’s continued promise of a fence on the southern border continues to resonate. “One of the things everybody’s worried about here is Trump’s fence,” said Rush, “and they don’t think the fence can be built.”

Critics point out Trump’s uncharitable attitude toward immigration, but Limbaugh reminded listeners that The Donald is merely suggesting America enforce laws already on the books. “We don’t need any new immigration law,” Limbaugh said. “We’ve got everything we need already. The law is there. It just isn’t being enforced. And … this issue is the issue that’s gonna determine the Republican primary winner.”

Limbaugh continued, “I mean, there’s a reason Trump is not fading, folks. And it’s a reason, I’m convinced, that is found in substance. It’s not because he’s a TV reality star. It’s not because he’s an entertainer. It’s not because he’s a strange-looking oddity with his hair or what have you. It’s none of the surface things that Trump detractors in the Democrat establishment, Republican establishment, would like you to believe. … Trump’s where he is because he has never wavered on what he intends to do regarding this issue. But there’s an unspoken aspect to pointing out the simple reality that to solve the illegal immigration problem all we need to do is to enforce existing law.”

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Border states have been forced to take matters into their own hands when the feds refused to enforce their own laws. The law requiring the border fence has been on the books since 2006. Laws defining who is legal and illegal are on the books. Law prohibiting employers from hiring illegals are on the books. Democrats and even most Republican candidates want to continue to flout existing federal law. Although Trump (along with Ted Cruz) are merely suggesting federal law (passed by Congress and signed into law by a president) be enforced, they’re being labeled anti-immigration, racist and evil.

“Democrat Congresses, Republican Congresses, all of these mean laws, they’re already on the books. And they’ve already been signed by whoever happened to be president at the time,” noted Limbaugh. “Have the wall, you make sure every employer hiring illegals is penalized, cut off the jobs. You’ll end up having self-deportation right there. But the big point is we already have every tool at our disposal. And the real point is, look at all the law, all the statutory law that we have that’s being ignored and unenforced. And that is the problem. Not that we’re lacking in compassion, not that we’re mean-spirited, not that we’re racists.”

Ann Coulter reinforced Limbaugh’s conclusion after Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris, tweeting “Donald Trump was elected president tonight” and suggesting he’s the best candidate to “stop importing Muslims.”

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