The reports coming from reporters on the scene of a shooting in Colorado Springs, Colorado, on Friday were vague.

Police said three officers were wounded, as were an unknown number of civilians. The suspect, or suspects, were unknown. His, or her, motives were unknown. Firepower: unknown. Location: Known only within a broad area that includes a Planned Parenthood abortion business. And more.

The suspect had been described only generally as a 6-foot white male with white beard wearing hunting clothing.

But Twitter users already had the case solved.

“I see the ‘pro-life’ crowd is up to its usual,” wrote a social media user identified only as Dat Wags Tho.

The names connected to the comments only occasionally reflect a real identity. But Twitchy reported, “Details are still emerging, but many tweeters aren’t hesitating to place blame.”

The comments all came before the reported standoff was ended.

“Hope they’re shooting the protesters,” wrote Slim Shady. “PP protests are annoying.”

Added Kyle Matteson, “Colorado Springs is harboring more terrorists than Syria. Sick that my birth place has become ground zero for right wing radicals.”

DR added, “Hey @GOP being pro-life and 2nd amendment means killing innocent people is OK right?”

Even though there was no confirmed connection to Planned Parenthood at the time, Lindsey wrote, “The irony in all of this is that the #PlannedParenthood shooter probably calls himself ‘pro-life.'”

RS Benedict blasted the entire pro-life mindset with, “Pro-lifers are f—— terrorists.”

TJ Mathney’s contribution was, “A ‘pro-life’ supporter I bet … proving the GOP primarily speaks to the hateful mouth breathers out there”

Geezy said, “White Domestic Terrorism.”

And Ana Marie Cox’s opinion: “Will Trump call for closing all churches or just the ones that preach ‘radical Christianity’?”

Said Kapm, “Christian love to kill kids and adults just not fetuses.”

And from Maiya, “Dang we need a screening program for radical Christians.”

From Neanderthal Rhubard, “Can’t wait to hear what radical Christian views inspired him.”

Police said they didn’t know the facts of the standoff, were trying to obtain that information, and couldn’t even say there weren’t hostages.

“The area is NOT secure,” police said in their own tweet. The gunman was reportedly firing at passing vehicles. There are reports the individual has barricaded himself inside the building.

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