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4 steps to implement Islam control (not gun control)

(GrasstopsUSA.com) — I must be psychic. On Wednesday, when we only knew that there were at least two shooters in San Bernardino, that they had assault weapons and body armor, and that they were in and out of the Inland Regional Center in less than 5 minutes, I knew this was a religion-of-peace operation

Then we learned that the name of one of the shooters killed by police was Syed Farook, that he was newly devout (recently grew a beard and adopted Muslim garb), and that he went to Saudi Arabia to marry Tashfeen Malik — the other shooter — a lady he’d met on a Muslim dating site (www.letscommitmassmurdertogether.com) where his profile included his interest in target practice and his desire to marry an old-fashioned girl who would wear a hijab.

Initially, the mainstream media were doing the workplace-violence tango, which went something like this: Farook got into a heated argument with a co-worker at a Christmas party, went home, got his body armor, guns, some pipe bombs, roll-out bags and the little lady (“Hey, honey, wanna help me kill some infidels?”) came back and shot the place up.