Al Jazeera producer rips media show of terrorist’s face

By Cheryl Chumley

Tashfeen Malik
Tashfeen Malik

The producer of Al Jazeera America, Hashem Said, has come out swinging against members of the U.S. media who have shown terror attacker Tashfheen Malik’s face absent burqa, saying it’s offensive and “disrespectful” to her Muslim faith and family.

In a tweet, Said wrote: “Come on ABC … the family attorney says #TashfeenMalik wore a burqa that covered her face, and you’re putting out pictures of her without it?”

He also explained in subsequent tweets his point of view, Mediaite reported: “Because it’s disrespectful. If she was wearing a burqa that covers her face, it’s disrespectful to show a pic without.”

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Twitter, in response, exploded.

“I think murdering 14 people puts slightly more shame on her culture and family than not having her face covered,” wrote one, Mediaite reported.

And another: “Yeah, we should always respect mass murderers.”

Yet one more, demanding an apology from Said: “I honestly think you should apologize for what you said. Those people’s lives mattered more than any dishonor to her family.”

As Mediaite noted, Said then tried to shrug off the criticisms with humor.

“Why does this always happen to me on a Friday?” he tweeted.

He was then pressed to finally issue a mea culpa.

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“I apologize,” he wrote, “for causing any offense or disrespect, it was not intended. I should have exercised more tact and precision. My apologies.”

Mediaite reported Said also deleted the original tweet, but not before screen shots had been taken.

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