Black leader accuses Obama of siding with Muslims

By WND Staff

Then-Sen. Obama during a visit to Kenya in 2006
Then-Sen. Obama during a visit to Kenya in 2006

By Paul Bremmer

Only a day after two ISIS-inspired Muslims slaughtered 14 people at a Christmas party in San Bernardino, California, Attorney General Loretta Lynch went before a Muslim advocacy group and urged Muslim parents to contact the Justice Department and the Department of Education if their children are bullied at school.

Jesse Lee Peterson, a radio host and founder of the civil rights nonprofit BOND, believes Lynch and the Obama administration have their priorities backward if they worry more about an anti-Muslim backlash than about Islamic terror at a moment like this.

“No looking out for the Americans, no looking out for the concerned citizens, but take care of the Muslims,” Peterson, author of “The Antidote,” said recently on his radio show. “Had this attack been carried out by Christians, it would be a different story.

“Obama refused to call the slaying Islamic terror. Does anybody know why? Do you need more proof of where Obama is coming from, which side of the fence he’s on?”

Peterson was echoing his WND column from last Sunday, in which he wrote the San Bernardino shooting “shows Obama, many fellow Democrats and the media clearly side with our enemies, and they refuse to stand with the American people.”

Not only did Lynch urge Muslim parents to report bullying, but in her Dec. 3 remarks before the group Muslim Advocates, she promised to “take action” against those who engage in anti-Muslim speech that “edges toward violence.”

After much backlash, Lynch assured Americans that the Justice Department prosecutes deeds, not words.

Jack Cashill, a WND columnist and author of “Scarlet Letters: The Ever-Increasing Intolerance of the Cult of Liberalism Exposed,” believes the Obama administration shares a larger goal with Muslim activists, which explains why the administration is eager to protect Muslims.

“The left has far less interest in celebrating the many colors of its ‘inclusive’ rainbow than they do in condemning those who resist the celebration,” Cashill told WND. “The White House and Muslim activists share few values, but they do share an enemy – traditional Judeo-Christian civilization. Anything they can do to undermine that civilization – making common sense a hate crime, for instance – they will do.”

Peterson, for his part, scoffed at the notion there’s going to be a wave of anti-Muslim violence because of the San Bernardino attack.

“As though Americans are so bad that they’re going to run out and just attack Muslims. Remember 9/11? The folks in this country held back; they did not go out attacking Muslims. But this woman is giving that impression.”

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In spite of Lynch’s assurance that she only wants to prosecute violent actions, Peterson said the attorney general is sending a threatening message that will have a chilling effect on Americans concerned about Islamic terror.

“The message that Loretta Lynch is sending to Americans is that if you disagree with Muslims, if your children should disagree, if you speak up about it, if you ask questions about Islamic terrorism, if you show any fear or concern, then you’re going to pay the price,” Peterson declared. “Not the Muslims, but the Americans. You are not allowed to even look at a Muslim in the wrong manner. Otherwise, the Department of Justice will come after you.”

Some Americans have already been cowed into not expressing concern about Muslims. In fact, neighbors of San Bernardino shooter Syed Rizwan Farook told the media they had noticed suspicious activity at Farook’s home recently, but did not report it because they didn’t want to racially profile him.

“What this tells me is white people have been conditioned with fear to the point that they can see people of color doing something that’s going to destroy everybody and they will not say anything for fear of being called racist,” Peterson said.

Peterson believes this conditioning happened 50 or 60 years ago, when the civil rights movement turned from Martin Luther King Jr.’s message of unity and racial harmony to Jesse Jackson’s message of divisiveness and racial grievances. He said black leaders like Jackson and Al Sharpton have harassed white people with protests and lawsuits to the point where whites are afraid to speak out against a racial minority for fear of being called racist.

Peterson, who happens to be black, has a message for all the fearful white people out there:

“The only way that this is going to change, to prevent these types of tragedies from happening, is that you’ve got to overcome fear. You’ve got to put your feet on solid ground and say no to the race hustlers and to the spoiled, angry blacks and Muslims or whomever that the hustlers are using to divide and conquer. Until you say no, these things are only going to get worse.”


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