Christmas Day on Fox ‘News,’ there were the usual suspects reminding us of the meaning of Christmas. A lady clergy was concerned that we be sensitive to non-Christians during the Christmas season. Being sensitive to the beliefs of others is a good thing. Being sensitive is a two-way street if it is to mean something.

I know Christians, especially guilt-ridden white Christians, bend over backward not to offend non-Christians. I am prepared to stand corrected, but I have no recollection of non-Christians (Jews, Muslims, etc.) being concerned about Christians when the non-Christians have their observances. In some parts of the world, being on the street during certain days of observance can get you your head chopped off. Usually those are non-Christian cultures.

Christians are not perfect. We had the Crusades (debatable if a defensive action) and the Inquisition, a really bad event. Before the birth of Jesus, the world was an ugly place where the brutality of the Roman Empire was the closest thing to a just system of governance. Christians did not invent bad stuff.

Christians will, in some instance, attempt to include others in the observance. What are Jews, Muslims, etc. doing to be inclusive? Lecturing Christians?

As a Christian, I observe the “holidays” with family. I do not require or expect to be lectured about how I conduct myself. All are welcome in my house.

On the Christmas decorations issue, a little discretion, sense, is called for. Church bells annoy some people, but Muslims through court action can do their public calls to prayer as they like. The same courts that uphold Muslims repress Christians. Another’s call to prayer does not bother me unless my calls to prayer are found offensive.

Recently, a person on the left was arguing for upholding Virginia’s state’s rights, with regard to restricting acceptance of gun-carry permits from other states. The same leftist would call a governor insisting on states’ rights as racist if the issue were voter registration requirements. You see, we have sensitivity issues to deal with in America. Left, right, Christian, Muslim, Jew!

Edmond Day

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