A church in Germany is using Star Wars to make the case for the Bible story of salvation. (Credit: StarWars.com)

A church in Germany is using Star Wars to make the case for the Bible story of salvation. (Credit: StarWars.com)

A church in Germany is using a creative approach to fill pews this Christmas season, setting its stage for an unusual service that merges popular culture – specifically, “Star Wars” films – with conventional biblical worship and promising attendees a musical performance that draws parallels between the “good and bad” of both.

And it’s hardly the only church to do so. As WND first reported, churches all over America, from New Jersey to Illinois, have been doing similarly.

But the movement seems now to have gone global.

Berlin’s Zions Church is going to open its pre-Christmas service with music from the “Star Wars” blockbuster series, excerpts from the George Lucas production and movie trailers, and remarks about the “juxtaposition of good and bad, light and dark” seen in both films and Bible stories, NBC News reported, citing church minister Eva-Maria Menard.

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Vicar Ulrike Garve said the service will prove remarkable.

“[It will expose] the theological motives and parallels in the Star Wars episodes,” he said, NBC News reported.

And specific passages from the Bible have been selected to highlight these parallels. For instance, Romans 12:21 reads: “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.”

Garve, comparing the passage to the movie, pointed to main character Luke Skywalker.

“Skywalker does not give in to the dark side, the Emperor or Darth Vader, and even puts down his lightsaber in the end,” he said.

“The Evidence Bible” is now available and includes, besides the King James version, dozens of articles expanding answers to questions such as why is there suffering, explanations about what Muslims believe and scientific facts written millennia before man discovered them.

Menard, meanwhile, said: “The ‘Star Wars’ movies create an anticipation of whether the good will prevail. And the Advent season is also a period of anticipation before Christmas.”

The churches in America that are turning to “Star Wars” to make a biblical Christmas point say similarly.

As Tim Lucas, lead pastor and founder of Liquid Church in Morristown, New Jersey, said in WND’s previous story: “We want to draw on the excitement surrounding ‘Star Wars’ in order to reach new people and teach them about Jesus Christ. There are no rules that says church needs to be dry and boring. One of our core values at Liquid is that ‘church is fun.’ It’s OK to laugh and celebrate together while talking about Christmas. If that means having ‘Star wars’ characters in costume and dancing storm troopers, I’m all for it.”


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