U.S. city OKs Satanist’s blood spill on Virgin Mary

By Leo Hohmann


Oklahoma City officials have granted a permit to a Satanist to desecrate a statue of the Virgin Mary in front of a Catholic Church on Christmas Eve, a decision that is outraging Christians who say the city’s mayor would have never allowed a similar permit to be issued in protest of a mosque.

Adam Daniels, a member of the Satanist church, says he will pour fake blood over the statue and say prayers to it in an effort to dispel the notion of the virgin birth, a core doctrine not only of the Catholic Church but millions of Christians the world over.

Satanist Adam Daniels
Satanist Adam Daniels

Daniels was the Satanist who sponsored the “black mass” in Oklahoma in 2014.

He said he plans to pour costume blood that has been ‘treated with sulfur powder and ash” on a statue he will bring himself, reported the Fatima Center, a Catholic website at Fatima.org.

“The outrage is scheduled to take place outside St. Joseph’s Old Cathedral on December 24 from 4:30 to 6:15 p.m.,” the website reported, referring to the event as an “atrocity.”

The Oklahoman, a daily newspaper in Oklahoma City, also reported on the upcoming event.

WND spoke with a resident of Oklahoma who said she read an article in the Oklahoman a couple of weeks ago but thought nothing of it because it was vague and mentioned no details about the man behind the event.

“I did read about it in the paper. It just said they were going to protest, nothing about his past or his motives,” said Sharon Gricol of McCloud, which is about 20 miles east of Oklahoma City. “This is hard to believe.”

Gricol said she wondered if Oklahoma City would issue a similar permit for someone to desecrate an image of Muhammad in front of a mosque.

“I’m also wondering, why is this not a hate crime against Christians?” she asked.

“It is still wrong when the whole country knows this permit if given to desecrate Muhammad or the Quran next to a mosque would have national media attention,” Gricol told WND, “and the president and his attorney general (Loretta Lynch) taking legal actions.”

After the jihadist attack on San Bernardino, Lynch said she would not hesitate to prosecute any American for hate speech that incited violence against Muslims.

“The Oklahoman described the upcoming event as if it were nothing more than a small political rally or artist’s display,” Fatima.org reported.

“The protest will be confined to the sidewalk and will not block any church entrances, according to the permit obtained by Daniels. The permit also requires to clean up the display after the event to ensure no costume blood is left on the sidewalk.”

The Fatima Center added: “Welcome to 2015 USA, where government allows all the public blasphemy you care to provoke, provided you do it within the limits of your city-issued permit.”

Daniels told the Oklahoman that the virgin birth of Jesus is a fraud.

Daniels calls his event the “Virgin Birth is a Lie,” which he described as “exposing the lies” of the Catholic Church. The purpose of the blood, he said, is to “add another layer of corruption to Mary, which is an emblem of the Catholic Church.”

Daniels is a convicted sex-offender and had built an “altar to Satan” using rubble from the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing in which 168 Americans lost their lives.

He used this rubble, he said, because it would have been “one of the most highly negative charges you could have … energy-wise.”

Fatima Center reports Daniels is protesting the Catholic Church on Christmas Eve because the archdiocese of Oklahoma City’s recent demonstrations against the group’s “black mass,” the unveiling of a Bahoment [satanic] statue, and Daniel’s own book-signing event.

“In a sense, we could ignore this pathetic creature as one merely seeking to aggrandize himself,” Fatima.org reported. “But as Our Lord told the 19th Century Sister Marie de Saint Pierre of France in messages approved by the Church, public desecration requires public reparation.”

The protest could result in a confrontation.

A group of concerned Catholics will attempt to occupy the area where the violation is slated to occur. They will also pray the Rosary in reparation, according to Fatima.org.

The Fatima Center said it urges those who cannot be present in Oklahoma City to “offer acts of reparation for this desecration, which is a pointed attack against Catholicism and Our Lady Herself.”

“You could pray an extra Rosary, make some extra sacrifices, offer prayers of reparation, make a Holy Hour in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament while the Oklahoma outrages is taking place, or make a Holy Hour at some other day or time that is more convenient. You can make reparation after the event as well.

Whatever you do, know well that Our Lady expects you to do something. You could also register your complaint with Mayor Mick Cornett, under whose administration this outrage is permitted.”

The website asked its readers to “count yourselves among the friends of Our Lady who, as She told Sister Lucia in 1929, have compassion on Our Lady’s Heart “circled with thorns,” and “make an act of reparation to remove them.”

Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett did not immediately return a phone call from WND seeking comment Thursday.

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