President Barack Obama's silhouette against the outside decorations of the White House as he makes his way to the Oval Office (White House photo)

President Barack Obama’s silhouette against the outside decorations of the White House as he makes his way to the Oval Office (White House photo)

As world leaders hail a climate-change agreement they say will preserve the planet for future generations, one of the leading critics of the movement behind the deal says the plan is simply a massive transfer of wealth that will have no impact on the climate and is calling attention to warming when the earth is clearly in a cooling phase.

Officials from nearly 200 nations reached agreement over the weekend in Paris to move forward in a commitment to reduce carbon emissions, but with no way to enforce the standards. Secretary of State John Kerry says the deal requires all nations to report on their emissions every five years. Kerry says public exposure will keep nations on the straight and narrow.

That approach is nothing more than a fantasy for Tim Ball, former professor of climatology at the University of Winnipeg. He is also the author of “The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science.”

Ball said the main accomplishment of COP 21, the meeting in Paris that involved the political officials working in concert with the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, or IGCC, was to establish the Green Climate Fund.

“They decided that developed nations had developed by using fossil fuels and the fossil fuel byproduct, CO2, was causing climate change or initially global warming,” Ball said. “Therefore, those 23 developed nations had to pay for their sins.”

He added, “They had to put money into a fund which was then going to be distributed to the developing nations that were being punished or penalized by those developed nations.”

This goal is nothing new. Ball said the climate fund has been a goal of the COP meetings for years, dating back in large part to the Kyoto Protocol in the late 1990s. It was supposed to the be the focal point of COP 15, but it was scuttled after the East Anglia email scandal revealed emails that critics said were proof of climate science being doctored for a political agenda. He said activists simply waited a year and began pushing again.

“At COP 16, they introduced what’s called the Green Climate Fund. That’s what they were approving in Paris, which is a bank account set up in South Korea under the International Monetary Fund, at which all of these developed nations have to put money in to give out to the developing nations,” said Ball, noting that 23 nations will essentially be bankrolling 175 others.

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The agreement from COP 21 calls for nations to strive for zeroing out carbon emissions by 2050 and certainly 2070. That means nations have agreed to keep their carbon emissions at or below what the earth is absorbing by that time.

What frustrates Ball the most is what he calls the “corruption of climate science, including the statistics on carbon dioxide.

“They talk about the CO2 that humans emit,” he said. “They don’t put into the formula the amount of CO2 we are currently absorbing. For example, of the total we emit (using IGCC data), we remove 50 percent of it through agriculture.”

Ball further noted even the most ardent proponents of the climate agenda have admitted the wealth transfers and carbon standards don’t make any difference in the health of the planet.

“One of the key scientists involved in the corruption was a guy by the name of Tom Wigley,” Ball said. “He said at the time that if we introduce the Kyoto Protocol in its original form, that is every country reduced to the amounts that we want, nobody would be able to measure the difference.

“In other words, you could take everybody off the planet, leave one scientist behind and say, ‘OK, measure and tell us how much the CO2 in the atmosphere’s reduced.’ He wouldn’t be able to do it.”

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Ball said Secretary Kerry has admitted the same thing.

“He said this is not going to make any significant difference in terms of CO2, but it’s important in terms of political policy and sharing the wealth,” Ball said. “So it’s a scam from top to bottom.”

In addition to that admission, Kerry stated over the weekend to Fox News Sunday that there is no way to force any nation to abide by the new deal.

“If there had been a penalty, we wouldn’t have been able to get an agreement,” Kerry said, confident that mandatory emissions reporting requirements would  keep everyone on target.

Ball is stunned.

“There’s absolutely no point putting in rules and regulations if you can’t enforce them,” he said.

In addition to layers of what he believes to be misguided policies, Ball said the climate delegates are about to inadvertently double their donations to developing nations because they’re not paying attention to the fact the climate is really in a cooling period.

“They’ve got people preparing for completely the wrong thing, which means that cost of preparing for warming will be doubled because then they’ll have to turn around and offset and prepare for the cooling, which is a much greater threat to humanity and food production and energy costs and so on,” he said.

Ball said the U.S. is also voluntarily placing itself at a global disadvantage with nations that don’t really buy into the climate alarmism, namely Russia, India and China.

“Those three nations all came out before Paris and said that the global-warming science is a fraud. Putin said it publicly,” said Ball, who argued that those nations, along with Brazil and South Africa, are poised to economically exploit the U.S. and others who are buying into the alleged threat.

“They have already set up a fund to counter and replace the International Monetary Fund, so there’s a whole economic and power grab going on here,” Ball said.

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