Swastikas featuring Donald Trump have been popping up in Atlanta (WGCL-TV)

Swastikas featuring Donald Trump have been popping up in Atlanta

Achtung, political fans!

Images of Donald Trump on swastikas are now making their debut into this presidential race.

Police in northeast Atlanta spent much of Wednesday morning trying to scrape the swastikas from at least two bridge supports in the area.

The symbols feature a cartoon of Trump sporting a Hitler-style mustache and a bow tie made out of a $100 bill.

Their appearance comes only days after Trump’s controversial call to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. until a proper vetting process is developed. Trump said in a statement released Monday there should be a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.”

He later added during a campaign rally the ban should last “until our country’s representatives can figure out what the hell is going on.”

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“I’ve been pulling down signs of an effigy of one of the presidential candidates pasted upon a national flag of Germany from World War Two,” police officer Thomas Koxe told a videographer for the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

“Somebody has taken paper maché or some kind of poster and has glued it onto overpass embankments that are holding the overpass up, the bridges, basically.”

“I have to use a scraper to remove ’em while they’re still kind of wet. If they dry, then it almost becomes permanent. It’s very difficult to remove.”

“This one here that’s behind me now is very difficult. I actually spent 20 or 30 minutes on it. What’s left is not coming off.”

Koxe stressed it’s against the law, and the perpetrators can expect jail time if they’re nabbed.

“If they are caught, they will be incarcerated for illegally posting in a public way,” he said. “It is illegal to do so, and it is extremely dangerous on Buford Highway to be [removing it] due to the fact that [cars] are traveling at highway speeds and they have to slow down or traffic needs to move over. We’ve almost had numerous accidents just simply being out here initially to remove this sign here.”

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