Syed Farook

Syed Farook

Authorities found a $28,500 deposit made to the bank account of Syed Farook just two weeks before he and his wife, Tashfeen Malik, stormed a San Bernardino holiday party and shot and killed 14 and injured 21.

Fox News reported Farook, who earned $53,000 a year from his county job as an environmental health inspector, then made several transfers with that Nov. 18 deposited amount. Three transfers in the amount of $5,000 each went to his mother; another $10,000 was taken out in cash at a Union Bank branch in San Bernardino, a source close to the investigation told Fox News.

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The media outlet reported a source said that $10,000 likely went to Enrique Marquez, the man who sold Farook and Malik firearms they used during the terror attack. That angle is still being investigated.

“Right now, our major concern at the FBI, the ATF and the [Joint Terrorism Task Force] is determining how those firearms, the rifles in particular, got from Marquez to Farook and to Malike,” assistant special agent in charge with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, John D’Angelo, said to reporters in California.

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The banking activities indicate “significant evidence of pre-meditation,” said one source to the investigation, adding the finding would belie they theory that the married Muslim couple went on a shooting rampage because they were insulted and offended by the Christmas party. bills itself as a “leading providers of nation consumer and commercial private-label and bank card financing programs.” The $28,500 was deposited to Farook’s account on Nov. 18.

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