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Franklin Graham has 'news' for anti-prayer newspaper

The New York Daily News evoked outrage with its headline about the San Bernardino shootings. (Twitter)

Franklin Graham, whose roles include executive leadership positions at the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association as well as Samaritan’s Purse, a ministry in the middle of efforts to deliver more than 11 million “shoebox” gift packages to children in needy parts of the world right now, has some advice for the New York Daily News.

Prayer makes a difference … don’t knock it.

WND reported just 24 hours earlier that the newspaper blasted members of the GOP who, following the massacre of 14 people by a Muslim husband and wife in San Bernardino, California, called for prayers for the victims.

Instead, the newspaper promoted its own gun control agenda.

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The newspaper’s front page contained a headline in huge font that read, in all caps: “GOD ISN’T FIXING THIS.” Above, it read: “14 dead in California mass shooting.” Beneath, it read: “As latest batch of innocent Americans are left lying in pools of blood, cowards who could truly end gun scourge continue to hide behind meaningless platitudes.”

Those “meaningless platitudes” including statements from Sen. Lindsey Graham, who’s seeking the presidency: “Thoughts and prayers are with …” And from House Speaker Paul Ryan: “Please keep the victims of #SanBernardino, California in your prayers.”

Franklin Graham warned, “The New York Daily News front page touts ‘God isn’t fixing this’ in regards to the San Bernardino mass shooting. And they have the audacity to criticize politicians who had publicly offered prayers and asked for God’s comfort following the killings, calling them ‘cowards who could truly end gun scourge.'”

Franklin Graham

He continued, “Shame on them! I hope New Yorkers stop buying that paper! It’s evident that this group is bashing the importance of prayer in order to promote their own gun control agenda. Here’s some ‘news’ for the NY Daily News – prayers are not ‘meaningless platitudes’ as they say on their cover. Prayer is direct access to Almighty God and is the most powerful tool a Christian has. Prayer does make a difference in heartbreaking situations like this. Don’t knock it!”

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Other GOP presidential candidates who tweeted messages of prayer were Gov. Mike Huckabee, Sen. Marco Rubio and former Gov. Jeb Bush.

Even President Obama referenced prayer.

The tabloid doubled down on its war against guns on Friday with a second straight cover story on this week’s terror attack in San Bernardino, California.

It labels the shooter Syed Farook a “terrorist” along with four other mass killers: Dylann Roof, Adam Lanza, Robert Dear and James Holmes. The paper also applies the terrorist label to NRA leader Wayne LaPierre, crediting him will killing “countless” gun laws.

“Syed Farook joins long list of murderous psychos enabled by NRA’s sick gun jihad against America in the name of profit,” the paper’s cover reads.

The Daily News has been feuding with LaPierre for years, calling him the “Craziest Man On Earth” on a front page published shortly after the 2012 Sandy Hook shootings in Newton, Connecticut.

The Daily News also called him “Jihadi Wayne” in a cover story about the NRA’s efforts to block gun-control measures, published just days before the California terror attack.

The NRA responded to its critics on Twitter. Chris Cox, the organization’s executive director, also wrote an op-ed for USA Today in which he accused Obama of blaming gun violence on Cox’s organization.

“The NRA is calling on the president to stop exploiting tragedies to push his failed political agenda. It’s shameful,” wrote Cox. “The NRA will neither accept the blame for the acts of murderers, nor apologize for fighting for our right to defend ourselves against them.”