‘Hostage’ teen texts for help in nightmare ‘forced abortion’

By Bob Unruh


Police were summoned to a Wichita, Kansas, abortion business when a teen texted her mom that her father, estranged from her mother, had taken her from her school to the clinic for an abortion she didn’t want.

However, the clinic manager refused police officers access to the student, or even to confirm whether she was there, so it’s unclear whether the abortion was forced on the girl or not.

The horrific circumstances have been documented by officials with Operation Rescue, a cutting edge pro-life organization that once bought a building that had been used for an abortion business and turned it into a pro-life center.

OR spokeswoman Cheryl Sullenger explained that the documentation of the “desperate 9-1-1 call” from the student’s mother is disturbing.

She reported, “According to the 9-1-1 recording and redacted police report, the girl’s mother called for help when she began receiving text messages from her daughter during normal school hours. The teen told her mom that she was being held against her will at the abortion clinic.

“The teen was frightened when she was taken out of school by her father and grandmother, neither of which had legal custody of her at the time of the incident, according to the mother and the girl’s aunt, who also spoke with the 9-1-1 dispatcher. The girl told her aunt via text messages that she didn’t know where she was being taken until she arrived at the abortion clinic where her father had made an abortion appointment for her at 4:00 p.m. She continued to text her mom and her aunt that she wasn’t being given enough information by clinic staff and did not want to be there.”

Here the 9-1-1 call:

[jwplayer 1kbSgIIg]

Operation Rescue discovered the situation when police arrived, as an organization volunteer was praying outside the business at the time.

There, the officers were stopped by the business director, Julie Burkhart.

“Upon arrival I contacted the director who advised she was aware of the situation but that there was not a situation. She refused to acknowledge whether the [teen] was currently there or a patient. She also refused to speak to us while being recorded,” Officer Atlee Vogt in his report.

The police report said Burkhart still refused to let officers in, or provide information about the teen’s presence, even after they turned off their body cameras.

The mother and aunt, traveling from nearby Newton, Kansas, when they got the messages, were unable to provide legal documents verifying custody on that day, a legal holiday, so police were unable to take further action, OR reported.

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“According to the redacted police report, the teen had apparently been impregnated by an age-mate, but there was some concern whether the sexual conduct was a consensual,” Sullenger reported. “Because of Burkhart’s obstruction, the police were never able to check on the teenager’s welfare and it remains unknown if she was released unharmed or was forced to undergo an abortion she did not want.”

Added Troy Newman, chief of OR, “Burkhart’s interference in a police matter is disturbing, to say the least and is validation that she continues to act as if she is above the law.”

He continued, “We hope the young lady is well and that no harm was done to her at the abortion clinic, but we do not know if that is the case. Burkhart’s obstructionism of police officers attempting to check on the welfare of a teen that was being held against her will by clinic staff is a cause of grave concern.”

When WND called South Wind for a comment, an answering service said it was unable to take a message.

But OR reports Burkhart is a “militant pro-abortion activist who once worked for the notorious late-term abortionist George Tiller.”

“Burkhart arrogantly believes she can get away with anything,” said Newman. “I have known Burkhart for many years and have seen her employ bully tactics on more than one occasion. Now, it looks like even the police are afraid to stand up to her bullying. Meanwhile, who knows what horrors are being perpetrated by Burkhart and South Wind?”

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