In 2016, we the people must raise hell or die!

By Ted Nugent

Well, well, well, that was fun wasn’t it?

Oh the glory of it all! I don’t know about anyone else, but I sure did have a phenomenal 2015.

I started off the year a little more uppity and mobile than usual with my brand new knees, hunting nonstop through January and February, whacking and stacking magnificent, organic dinner on the hoof beasts aplenty to share pure, nutritious venison with family, friends and charities across the land.

Call me “MeatBoy.”

Entering my 66th American Dream 2015 year full on with maximum spirit and energy, attitude and fire, I rocked my 6,517th fire-breathing R&B Rock ‘n’ Roll concert for the ultimate soulmusic lovers in the world with the ultimate funkbrother rockers that this old Motown guitarplayer could ever dream of.

The hunting and trapping was great all winter long, and the spring fishing was spectacular.

Turkey season saw some delicious thunderchickens bite the dust, and spring bear hunting was a royal rugsteak orgy.

The mystical flight of my arrows was soul-stirring and supremely protein-procuring to say the least.

The ever lovely Mrs. Nugent and I carried on our eternal honeymoon like young lovers possessed, and even our beloved dogs seemed to be more affectionate and obedient as the year progressed.

Performing my clear and present we the people duties with more vigor and aplomb than ever, I found myself surrounded by increasing numbers of fellow self-evident truth addicts.

Setting world records throughout 2015 with more than 33 million facebookers, the joy and gratification celebrated by so many people around the world for my runaway logic and common sense gave me renewed confidence that truth still matters.

Donating thousands and thousands of autographed bows, arrows, guitars, guns, bullets, skulls, antlers, animal skins, concert tickets, hunting trips, and an assortment of various weapons and Nuge artifacts raised gobs and gobs of money from caring, loving, generous Americans for every children’s charity, military charity and wildlife charity we participated in.

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My Ted Nugent signature Gold Tip arrows and Ted Nugent Ammo continues to sellout every production run, and our own Ted Nugent Kamp for Kids charity continues to sell out for caring families and their children across the land.

Our “Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild” TV show on Outdoor Channel remains the No. 1 hunting show in its 23rd year, and its wildlife conservation educational and motivational impact on millions of people worldwide continues to trounce the animal rights lie more than ever.

I am humbled beyond words to still get some of the most votes ever for the Board of Directors of the mighty National Rifle Association, and I sincerely thank all the families who believe in me to fight for our God-given, constitutionally guaranteed individual right to keep and bear arms.

My amazing wife, wonderful children, grandchildren, brothers, sister and entire extended Nugent family are healthy, happy and still living the dream.

All this positive spirit and experience would be dearly appreciated under any and all circumstances, but when surrounded by the abject rot that runs amok in our government, media and academia and around the world, it is simply miraculous to have a sanctuary of unlimited goodwill and decency to fortify one for the never-ending battle against often overwhelming evil.

Never in my 66 years could I have possibly imagined the depth of criminal dishonesty, corruption and abuse of power by my own government.

Never could I have imagined the flagrant lies perpetrated by so much of the media.

Horror of horrors, the brainwashing and hatred for America has turned nearly an entire generation away from the American Dream of earning your own way and pursuing your individual independent happiness.

That a Bernie Sanders can garner any support whatsoever for his vile communist agenda may very well be the ultimate indictment of political correctness and the ignorance necessary for it to fester.

That Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer and Maxine Waters and Sheila Jackson Lee and Al Not So Sharpton and Jerry Brown and Andrew Cuomo and pretty much every Democrat in America can continue to get away with their constant lies, blatant infringements and America-hating outrage should be more than enough to scare the bijeezus out of every America who cherishes freedom and liberty.

That Paul Ryan, a Republican for God’s sake, can stand with the rest of the soulless politicians supporting the continuing economic destruction of America with a spending agenda rife with fraud, deceit, dishonesty and defiance of any meaningful accountability is tragic and heartbreaking.

In spite of the madness, I once again succeeded in carving out my own personal and independent American Dream in 2015, and guarantee I will do the same in 2016.

But with the sheer number of horrors too long to list, perpetrated by an out of control government in 2015 still stinging deeply, I pray daily to God Almighty that more and more Americans wake up to our we the people duties to raise hell and demand accountability from our elected employees.

I believe Donald Trump and Ted Cruz to be the leaders America desperately needs right now, and if enough Americans fail to heed the call in the new year, the self-inflicted engineered deathwish tailspin of America will spiral ever downward, crashing the last best hope in a fiery ball of flames.

If you truly wish for a Happy New Year, we damn well better be ready, willing and able to make it happen. Say it and do it like you mean it, or God help us all.

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