In defense of conservatives’ xenophobia

By Kent G. Bailey

Type “xenophobia” into your search engine and you will find hundreds of extremely negative and accusatory entries – many of which are associated with the name Donald Trump. Nothing is more evil, sinful and corrupt to the liberal mind than fear of the stranger – xenophobia. Not only is it the zenith of moral corruption and perfidy, it is a form of mental illness that emerges from the deepest reaches of a warped mind. And, according to this mindset, Donald Trump is the literal embodiment of that evil of all evils.

Human Paleopsychology can be helpful in assessing what is consistent with our archaic human nature and what is not, and it also focuses on adaptive versus non-adaptive behavior. In archaic environments, it was “normal” and adaptive to first survive and then reproduce – then, once your offspring have been reared and ready for reproduction themselves, you have met the “normal” demands of your species. All of that was the cake, and you might enjoy a few post-reproductive/rearing years of “icing” after that.

Therefore, in the deepest recesses of the human mind, the obsessive impetus to survive is the overwhelming theme of life as it is for all living creatures. In privileged societies, we may seem to move beyond the survival imperative for a time, only to see it readily re-emerge under stressful conditions of famine, natural catastrophe, war and the like. In impoverished Third World countries, mere survival of self, offspring and kin overpowers all else.

Tennyson once said, “Nature is red in tooth and claw,” and most creatures spend their time either preying on others or avoiding being preyed upon. In a world of predators, then, those who survive are “xenophobic to the max” in their wariness regarding anything strange or new. Lack of such cautiousness could lead to death of the individual and, eventually, extinction of the species.

We see here that avoidance in nature is far more basic and powerful than approach. The wiser creatures of the animal world are implicitly saying, “I would rather miss lunch today than be a lunch.” Such is the hegemony of avoidance in all nature.

By contrast, xenophilia, the love of the foreign, strange or new, is exceptionally rare in the animal world, for Mother Nature does not like to gamble on outcomes. It is rare among humans as well and is primarily seen in highly privileged social environments where survival is not an immediate issue. Love of the new and different is a biologically superficial and tenuous phenomenon mediated primarily by very recent neocortical segments of the brain.

Whereas xenophobia is survival focused and biologically adaptive, xenophilia is, to a degree, culturally adaptive in terms of human creativity, scientific innovation and moving up and beyond our archaic animal heritage. Thus, it is “normal” from the cultural aspect, but very problematic vis-à-vis the survival aspect.

Xenophilia is a biologically superficial but intoxicating cultural invention of the liberal mind that serves as the conceptual foundation for affirmative action, diversity, multiculturalism, open borders, mass immigration and on and on. These concepts have no scientific bases in biology, the social sciences, or even philosophy, but are quasi-religious ideologies forced upon the populace by the liberal courts, the educational system, the entertainment industry, the advertising industry and many of the mainstream churches. Without this socially destructive adoration of the stranger and denial of one’s own kind, the scourge of political correctness would be no more.

Liberals love to tout their “multicultural” moral superiority over all of us nasty conservative and Republican “haters” and “racists,” and to disagree with their xenophilia is a “sickness.” But as paleopsychology would predict, liberals begin to look like xenophobic conservatives when under “survival stress” due to terrorism. That is, liberals tend to “phylogenetically regress” toward conservatism after major instances of terrorism!

Recent findings in the journal Psychological Science found that liberals’ attitudes toward Muslims and immigrants became more like those of conservatives following the July 7, 2005, bombings in London. Data from two large surveys of British citizens revealed that feelings of national loyalty increased and endorsement of equality decreased among liberals after the terrorist attack. Conservatives did not change much since they were already realistic and “normal” regarding threat to survival, whereas liberals were forced – by necessity – out of their PC dream world.

Now we see why the warrior-male-extraordinaire, Donald Trump, commands the affection and respect of so many people in his quest for the presidency. He plows right through the dangerous illusions and delusions of political correctness and speaks directly to the warrior class of men (and women) out there who have the nature-given responsibility of protecting their families and their people from any and all threats from without – including the current epidemic of terrorism.

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