If you watched the news on ABC, CBS or NBC last week, chances are you saw at least one major sob story about how a British Muslim family was stopped from flying to Los Angeles.

Despite assurances from U.S. Customs officials who work for Barack “Don’t turn on Islam” Obama, responsible for providing Muslims with the largest percentage increase in immigration into the country of any group in the world, the Big Media reported the incident as a major human rights abuse – blaming the spirit of Donald Trump and, of course, “Islamophobia.”

Of course, Customs has one major job – keeping America safe from those who would like to do it harm.

As I watched these “news” reports, it was like watching a “Saturday Night Live” parody. Reporters and anchors falling all over themselves invoking Trump and “Islamophobia” – this with Obama in charge of Homeland Security, the Transportation Security Administration and U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

We keep hearing about growing “Islamophobia” in the U.S. But is it real or is it fantasy?

America watched the news in horror a few weeks ago when 14 Americans were murdered and dozens injured in a cold-blooded terror attack in San Bernardino, California. The carnage was bad enough, but the real shock was the way the reporting of the suspects’ Islamic names was characterized by self-censorship for hours, as one reporter explained, “to prevent people from jumping to conclusions.”

The media and the nation’s political establishment apparently are more concerned with Americans’ ability to digest information, sort out facts and draw proper conclusions than they are about the nation’s security.

With each new incident and attack, they seem to be wishing and hoping against all odds the perpetrator is a white Christian.

Yet the evidence for Islamophobia sweeping across the country and resulting in some kind of vigilantism remains, well, non-existent.

It occurs to me that what we are experiencing in America is not just political correctness run amok, not just an emerging cult of “tolerance,” not just an epidemic of multicultural blindness, but something even more bizarre.

In 1973 when bank robbers held hostages in a vault in Stockholm, Sweden, and the hostages became sympathetic to the plight of their captors, we found a name for the irrational behavior. It became known as the “Stockholm Syndrome.”

Perhaps it’s time for a term that explains the irrational attitude and behavior we see among so many Americans, including the occupants of the White House, with regard to the existential threat we face from Islamists.

I call it the “Islamophilia Syndrome.”

While fear and apprehension of Islam would be natural, given the fact that, according to polls, between 15 and 30 percent of Muslims worldwide embrace such terrorist acts as suicide car bombings to advance Islam’s cause, fuzzy feelings of warmth and tenderness would be irrational.

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At its core, Islam has tendencies toward totalitarianism, misogyny, genocide, unspeakable brutality, anti-Semitism and extremes of religious persecution.

So, why do so many act as if it is above reproach and criticism?

Would those who have succumbed to the madness of Islamophilia act similarly toward other ideologies and religions hell-bent on imposing its values on others by force – say Nazism or Communism?

Should we not consider the possibility that adherents to those beliefs pose a special threat or heightened risk to a free society? Dare I suggest that might be the right thing to do?

Israelis, who battle Islamic terrorism every day as a matter of course, have made themselves and others safer by taking a more realistic and sensible approach on immigration and travel restrictions. They have determined it’s better to be safe than sorry about those boarding airplanes and crossing borders and have, thus, deterred and foiled far more attacks than have been carried out on the Jewish state.

They do this by not pretending the threats don’t exist, by not burying their heads in the sand, by not closing their eyes to reality, by not fooling themselves with clichés and political correctness, by not falling prey to the “Islamophilia Syndrome.”

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