PARIS, FRANCE – Here in the capital city of the French Republic, two climate conferences have been taking place. Some 40,000 people have attended the official conference of the states parties to the U.N.’s climate convention. Some 40 people have attended the unofficial high-level conference of professors and doctors of science who do not share the superstitious faith of the true-believers in the new religion of supposedly catastrophic manmade global warming.

Of the two conferences, history will regard the smaller as the more significant. For those brave few who assembled in the shadow of that great wedding cake of a church, the Trinite d’Estienne d’Orves, made a decision that will forever alter the course of the climate debate, and may even bring the global-warming scam to an end.

Mr. Obama, of course, attended the official conference. He bleated quasi-Messianically to the assembled Druids about the imagined (and imaginary) menace of global warming. He overran his three minutes fivefold, to the fury of the multitude. But all that he said in his rambling, prolix and menacingly totalitarian intervention is now about to be set at nought.

For the smaller and more important of the two conferences came to a unanimous conclusion that a fraud investigation team should be established to gather evidence of outright criminality on the part of the surprisingly small scientific clique that has until now got away with foisting its anti-scientific nonsense on just about all nations.

The team, which will operate under the aegis of the distinguished professors and other experts who constitute the recently formed Independent Committee on Geoethics, will set to work immediately after the conference to gather documentary evidence, including sworn statements, to assemble the evidence into a prosecution file and then to submit the file to the professors for their consideration.

If the professors find a particular case file compelling, they will then quietly submit the file in their names and in the name of the Independent Committee on Geoethics to the public authorities in the countries concerned, with a formal request that the case should be investigated and the offenders prosecuted.

The members of the committee are eminent. Their combined scientific weight is considerable. It will simply not be possible for the public authorities to ignore them.

The fraud investigation team will initially concentrate on the three deceptions that lie right at the heart of the climate scam.

First, the “consensus” fraud. False claims, including claims in “scientific” papers, suggest that some 97 percent of climate scientists are agreed that most of the global warming since 1950 was caused by us. However, I was a co-author of a peer-reviewed paper two years ago that reviewed 11,944 climate-science papers published in the 21 years 1991 to 2011. We discovered that only 41 papers, or 0.3 percent, had said recent warming was mostly manmade.

Secondly, the “how-much-warming” fraud. The U.N.’s accident-prone climate panel says it expects 2 to 4 degrees of manmade global warming between now and 2100. However, a close examination of the panel’s own reports by the team’s fraud specialists has revealed that the panel’s own equations and data would have led it to expect not 2 to 4 degrees of warming but just 0.5 degrees of warming by 2100. Here, as elsewhere, the panel has made greatly exaggerated predictions that its own methods and data do not in any way justify.

The panel’s dubious activities have already come to the attention of the Bureau de l’Escroquerie, the serious fraud office of Switzerland, where it is headquartered.

Thirdly, the new fraud investigation team will investigate the central economic fraud that is a feature of the climate scam: the misrepresentations – entirely at odds with the near-unanimous opinion of the papers published in the learned journals of economics – to the effect that it is cheaper to attempt to mitigate global warming today with bird-blending wind-farms and fowl-frying solar collectors than to pay the later and far lesser cost of simply adapting to its imagined net-adverse consequences the day after tomorrow.

Already, scientists and politicians are coming forward to request that additional pseudo-science frauds be investigated by the team. An eminent expert on sea level has asked us to look at the data-tampering that has created a bogus sea-level rise when, in fact, the ocean is scarcely rising at all.

We have also been asked to examine fraud in the scamsters’ interference in agriculture, and in their tampering with global-temperature data so as falsely to increase the apparent rate of global warming.

The energetic and determined Lamar Smith, chairman of the House Space, Science and Technology Committee, has already issued a subpoena to the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, which had recently and notoriously tampered with its own data, just in time for the Paris conference, to pretend that global warming in recent decades was far greater than the true measurements suggest.

Our assessment is that it will only be necessary for us to put two or three key fraudsters behind bars, whereupon all the rest will scuttle for cover and the climate scam will come to an abrupt, ignominious and unlamented end.

And not before time. The crazies and misfits who are attending the main conference are sullenly determined – regardless of the evidence that their mad predictions have not come to pass – to shut down the economies of the West, to abolish free-market capitalism, and to usher in a new, gray age of dismal, socialist totalitarianism.

Why have even supposedly “conservative” governments fallen for this rubbish? The answer is that they are frightened of the shrieking fury of the true-believers, one of whom got into our conference and wrote some flagrantly hate-filled remarks not only about the conference but about me personally.

This sniveling little creep, one Montague, writes for a corrupt organization calling itself “Desmogblog.” Our investigations have revealed that the seed-funding for that hate-speech outlet was provided by a crook named Lefebvre, whom a judge has ordered to repay $185 million in ill-gotten gains from a fraudulent Internet-gaming bank that he had established.

What is more, we have evidence that Montague and others working for that blog have falsely misrepresented Mr. Lefebvre as not being a crook and, in one notorious instance, of not having been convicted of anything.

And that suggests a whole new line of inquiry. Totalitarians from Goebbels via the Soviet Desinformatsiya directorate to the likes of Desmogblog tend to follow the same shoddy tactic, described in Saul Alinsky’s “Code for Communists”(in the U.S., “Rules for Radicals”): They endlessly attack the personal reputations of all who become effective in opposing them.

The tactic works because it frightens off others who might otherwise have been willing to join us in speaking out for the truth. It is, therefore, fraudulent and worthy of our investigation. At the political level, it is also a gross interference with freedom of speech.

The days of the climate scamsters, therefore, are numbered. The official Paris conference was always going to be irrelevant as far as making any difference to the world’s climate is concerned. The unofficial conference is the one that will matter. The world may yet have strong reason to be grateful that we were there.

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