Nobody wants to say it – and I mean nobody.

But America has an Islam problem. In fact, the whole world has an Islam problem.

Some, like Barack Obama and John Kerry, like to ignore it completely – even whitewash it. They call Islam a “religion of peace.” To which I say: Show me the evidence! Islamic persecution of other religions, its expansionism, its misogyny, its brutality and its desire to force its will on others has essentially defined world history for the last 1,300 years – with a brief exception following World War I through 1979, when it came back from the dead in a ferocious way with the Islamic revolution in Iran.

Others like to play a different kind of wishful-thinking game, suggesting Islam is merely in an uproar around the world because of Western oppression and military action. That’s crazy! When not at war with the rest of the world, Islam is at war with itself. Some 1 million people were killed in the war between Iran and Iraq. Which outside force was responsible for that?

Others blame Israel, the only free society in the Middle East. They say it’s all about Palestinian Arabs wanting their own state. They got one at the same time as Israel. It’s called Jordan. But anyone who listens to the demands of the Islamic leadership of Arab Palestinians knows the truth – they want all of Israel. They want a Middle East free of Jews. Period. End of story.

As to terrorism around the globe, some like to suggest there’s no connection to Islamic ideology, but they say it’s simply the result of a minority of radical Islamists. Sadly, it’s not such a small minority at all. When has Islam produced a functioning, peaceful, self-governing society that doesn’t oppress minorities and women? Can someone show me one?

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Furthermore, as to that last excuse, let’s suppose Ford produced a model of cars that blew up 10 percent of the time. Would we look at the bright side and say, “Hey, nothing’s wrong with this car because 90 percent of them don’t blow up”? I don’t think so. We’d tell Ford to fix its problem and to provide reparations to all those who were killed and injured. Would you buy a car that had a 10 percent chance of blowing up? Of course not.

Yet, the United States and many European countries are actively buying Muslim immigrants right now – with taxpayer money, of course. They’re buying them by the hundreds of thousands. And the governments doing it are telling the people who must pay the price that they are bigots if they object. They are not bigots. They merely believe in self-preservation – for themselves, for their families and for their nation.

Look, my grandparents emigrated to the U.S. about 100 years ago. They were Christians. They were grateful for their chance to come to America and escape Muslim domination and dhimmi status. They quickly assimilated. They took no welfare. They paid their own freight to get here.

Lots of other Christian Arabs came to the U.S. in the 20th century. In fact, until very recently, the vast majority of Arab emigration to the U.S. was by Christians. Until very recently, most Arab-Americans were Christians. Not one of them ever committed a terrorist act! Think about that.

Most of those Arab Christians did not come with refugee status – even though many of them would certainly have qualified. Yet, today, Christian Arabs are facing more persecution than ever. But they are not being welcomed. Instead, most of the refugees being recruited and subsidized by taxpayers are Sunni Muslims – the only religious group not facing persecution and death in the Middle East at the hands of Sunni ISIS and other Sunni Islamist groups.

How does all this make sense?

It doesn’t.

It’s time to open our eyes to the reality of Islam. It doesn’t mean Muslims are all bad – or even that most of them are bad. It does, however, mean you have to be blind to think the world does not have an Islam problem.

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