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'Huge' for Trump! Hillary slip reveals Islamic-terror truth

Hillary Clinton told a New Hampshire audience Dec. 19 that Donald Trump is becoming “ISIS’ best recruiter.”

Hillary Clinton’s decision to bash Donald Trump during the final Democratic debate of 2015 appears to have revealed her true feelings on Islam.

Radio host Rush Limbaugh said Monday that calling Trump “ISIS’ best recruiter” makes no sense if the terror group is a total perversion of Islam. Clinton told the Council on Foreign Relations in New York last month that Muslims “have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism,” WND reported.

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“A lot of people are understandably reacting out of fear and anxiety about what they’re seeing [with terrorist attacks], and Mr. Trump has a great capacity to use bluster and bigotry to inflame people and to make them think there are easy answers to very complex questions,” the former secretary of state said Saturday in Manchester, New Hampshire. “He is becoming ISIS’ best recruiter. They are going to people showing videos of Donald Trump insulting Islam and Muslims in order to recruit more radical jihadists.”

A Clinton spokeswoman later said the campaign could not cite a specific ISIS video using Trump as a recruitment tool.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump

Limbaugh said Clinton’s comments make her an “abject fool” for inadvertently making the case for Trump’s halt to Muslim immigration.

“Now, stop and think of that for a second. What is she saying? She’s basically saying that Donald Trump saying there should be a moratorium on Muslims can drive them to terrorism,” said Limbaugh. “Well, then isn’t Trump right? I mean, if all it takes is suggesting there’s a moratorium for a while on Muslims entering the country until we get a handle here on who’s coming in, who’s already here, what their plans are, and if that’s going to cause them to go join ISIS, isn’t Trump right? […] But then Islam’s a religion of peace. How can people of a religion of peace end up joining a terror group when Islam isn’t about terror?”

Trump demanded an apology from Clinton during an interview Monday on NBC’s “The Today Show,” which he was denied.

“I will demand an apology from Hillary,” said the Republican presidential front-runner. “She should apologize. She lies about emails, she lies about Whitewater, she lies about everything. She will be a disaster as president of the United States.”

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A Dec. 8 poll by Bloomberg Politics/Purple Strategies PulsePoll showed Trump’s immigration proposal has wide-ranging support with primary voters.

Nearly two-thirds of Republican primary voters, or 65 percent, favor a temporary ban on Muslim immigrants in response to the threat posed by terror networks. The proposal was also favored among 37 percent of likely voters and 18 percent of Democratic primary voters.

The poll was taken just days after the Dec. 2 Islamic terror attack in San Bernardino, California, that killed 14 at a facility for those with developmental disabilities.

Donald Trump’s call to ban Muslim immigrants from entering the country until a coherent anti-ISIS strategy is in place has the support of two-thirds of GOP primary voters (Photo: Bloomberg Politics video screenshot)

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