Refugees flooding Germany in recent weeks.

Refugees flooding Germany in recent weeks

A German cop is recovering from wounds after an Islamic migrant screamed, “Allahu Akbar!” before chomping his arm and breaking a rib.

It took three officers armed with pepper spray to subdue a Moroccan “asylum seeker” on Sunday. A request for tickets at an Osnabrück train station sent him into a “rampaging” attack.

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A police spokesman told the German website Focus on Monday that it was unclear what angered the man.

“There is generally not a problem with foreigners despite the language barrier because it’s clear that such checks are for a ticket,” the spokesman said. “The word ‘ticket’ is actually a familiar term to all of them.”

Police said the man spat at the officers several times while “repeatedly” trying to grab one of their weapons.

A 44-year-old female officer also suffered a “massive” knee injury during the ordeal. Two of the three cops had to be taken to the hospital.

The Moroccan migrant is now threatening to to sue the police department with a lawsuit, the newspaper reported.

Pepper spray like the kind the cops used on Sunday has been in short supply since early November. Focus reported Nov. 6 that German manufacturers sold out trying to accommodate wary citizens.

“There is fear. For the past six to seven weeks we have been practically sold out,” said Kai Prase, managing director of DEF-TEC Defense Technology GmbH in Frankfurt, Nov. 6.

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German authorities estimate 1 million migrants will have arrived by the end of the year. Another 850,000 are expected in 2016.

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