Syed Emad Hasan

In a horrific case of misplaced courtship, a 30-year-old Muslim systems engineer was arrested in India and charged with kidnapping and rape after he abducted a former colleague and held her for five days to force her to convert to Islam and marry him.

The 27-year-old woman, who has not been named, rejected Syed Emad Hasan’s offer of matrimony after she explained her family does not allow inter-religious marriage. The woman moved from Hyderabad, India, to Dubai to escape Hasan’s attention, but he continued to harass her until she came back to Hyderabad to confront him.

The two had been colleagues working at a Dell computer-repair shop in Gachibowli, Hyderabad. According to the Indian Express, “Hasan, from Aligarh, did his BTech from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad, and started working at an MNC. In June, the woman, who had completed a chartered accountancy course, joined the company as an intern. They became friends, and Hasan soon proposed to her, the police said. The woman refused.”

The police reported, “Hasan said they were lovers, but the woman appears very scared in his presence.”

Inspector Ravinder of the local police said: “The woman told us she was forced to talk to Hasan as he showed her photos and videos of them together in Hyderabad, and threatened to send them to her father. He [Hasan] also demanded that she send inappropriate photos of her.”

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After she left for Dubai, Hasan relentlessly pestered her and insisted she talk to him every night over Skype. He threatened to post obscene pictures of her to family members on social media. Unable to cope with the threats, the woman reportedly decided to go to Hyderabad and ask Hasan to give her the photos and videos. He promised to do so if she met him, the police said.

On December 14, Hasan picked her up from Hyderabad airport. A Hyderabad police source said: “He took her to the flat in Al-Hasanath colony and confined her. … From then onwards, he took away her phone, passwords of her e-mail, Facebook, and started using them in her name. She was denied access to anybody.” He also tore up her passport.

Hasan took three days’ leave and brutalized and sexually assaulted the woman. Police said, “He threatened to continue doing so until she agreed to marry him after converting to Islam. He even threatened to set her on fire and strangle her.”

The woman was able to use Hasan’s phone to send an emergency text message to her friends. When he left for an hour, she accessed his laptop and turned a browser into incognito mode and was able to message a friend on Facebook.

“The survivor’s friend then alerted her brother in Karnataka,” stated police. “Her brother came to Hyderabad on Monday morning. He along with the survivor’s friend approached us. We immediately dispatched a team and rescued her.”

The woman was found bruised and in shock. A Hyderabad police source reported, “We found her in the bathroom with injuries on her head and body. She was scared and in shock, but managed to narrate her ordeal.”

Photos and videos of the woman were found on Hasan’s mobile phone and laptop. The woman is recuperating at an unspecified location.

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