Nation-murder by the State

By Diana West


This is a picture of “the Concourse” in Chichester, England. Gorgeous, isn’t it? Speaks to the affluence and ease of this village of 400, obviously overflowing with tax monies and other extras. So what if there are no sidewalks or streetlights? It is here, in this garden spot, that the British government is planning to warehouse some 200 young men from the Third World, most if not all of whom are Muslim.

Will British Prime Minister Cameron, now feverishly planning to “lead” the U.K. into a pointless war in Syria to save the world from jihad, even as jihad at home entrenches the British Shariah-state,ever see what he has wrought, even from a speeding limousine?

This is not another story of “national suicide,” the term often invoked to bemoan governmental responses to the “refugee” “crisis” in Europe.

It is another story of nation-murder by the State.

From the Chichester Observer:

It has now been revealed the 200 would all be men aged between 18 and late 30s, of mixed origin who are currently located in Calais.

The Home Office is looking to use the Concourse initially for six months “but this could be extended,” Earnley Parish Council has said.

“This news has left the villagers of Earnley terrified,” said one woman, who grew up in the village and whose parents live near the Concourse and asked not to be named.

“I walk with my mum and two young children in the village weekly. It has a population of less than 400 across three hamlets.

“It has no street lights, no pavements, no transport links, no shops, no police station. And they want to leave us with 200 male asylum seekers with nothing to do.

“I feel sick. Just one poorly screened individual and I am walking alone in a tiny village with two young children.

“I feel so vulnerable. My parents and the rest of the village are terrified.”

Has there been a similarly tragic time in history when the everyday business of governments has been to mass-abdicate their elemental duty to their own peoples: protection and preservation? The closest parallel l I can think of to these cruel and predictably fatal assaults is to wars of occupation, where the conquered home government is no longer able to protect and preserve its people.

In such an occupation, we would expect to see the bivouacking of hostiles among defenseless citizens. We would expect to see armies of occupation stifling dissent. But in these current cases, the “foreign” nature of these “occupation” governments is ideological. They are so foreign and so hostile to their core native populations that, in Europe and, very much also in the USA, they are importing foreign and hostile population blocs to displace them.

Or, rather, us. No hashtags for Chichester, but truly we are all Chichesterians now.

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