New tool allows you to repost WND stories

By WND Staff


WASHINGTON – As the oldest independent online news source, copyright conflicts have been a constant battle for WND.

But now there’s an easy way for other online publishers and bloggers to republish WND content for free – safely and without legal risk.

All content on WND now bears the iCopyright logo along with the words “Republish Reprint” near the top of stories and commentaries.

Now, as an online publisher, all you need to do is click those words and you are on your way to legally and safely republishing WND content through this syndication service. No more abbreviated stories, no more headlines and hotlinks. WND content on your site for no charge whenever news breaks through the services of repubHub, a unique content licensing and syndication portal.

Like an article we’ve written? Want to share it with others? Quickly and easily republish articles to your own website or blog.

Click on the Republish/Reprint button on any article and select from a variety of reuse options, including free embeds that display the content faithfully and legally on your site matching your site’s style.

It’s better than linking! And both sites get more page views, too.

It’s easy. It’s free. It’s legal.

“We were so tired of playing whack-a-mole with bloggers reposting WND’s copyright content without permission that this seemed like an easy option to use,” said Joseph Farah, the Internet pioneer who launched WND, the first independent news service 19 years ago. “This option provides a syndication carrot rather than a legal stick for publishers who want our content but also want to do the right thing and avoid costly lawsuits for everyone.”

So, go ahead – try it for yourself.

Next time you see a WND story you want to share on your own site or blog, you’ve got the tools you need.

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