UNITED NATIONS – As Christians around the world prepared to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, authorities in the Islamic Sultanate of Brunei issued a warning:

Share the Good News and go to prison.

Any public celebration of Christmas is banned under the Shariah regime of Brunei. Displaying wreaths, trees, or even wearing Santa hats in public can result in jail time – or worse.

The Obama administration not only failed to condemn this latest outrage, it plans to reward it.

Last year, the Sultan of Brunei, a Muslim autocrat, declared he would impose Shariah law in his oil-rich fiefdom on the island of Borneo. It was already illegal to bring a Bible into the country, and missionaries were subject to imprisonment.

When news broke that gays and adulterers would be added to the list of those facing death by stoning, the Hollywood values crowd declared a boycott of the Beverly Hills Hotel, which is owned by the Sultan of Brunei.

Note to the Hollywood elite: The boycott would be illegal if President Obama has his way.

That’s because Brunei is part of the TransPacific Partnership, TPP, a global governance pact with eleven Pacific Rim nations the Obama administration is pushing. Chapter 11 of the TPP gives the Sultan of Brunei and other foreign investors special rights to buy American land, natural resources, businesses, infrastructure and other investments in the U.S. He could sue for damages before a special international panel claiming his “rights” under the TPP were violated by the boycott.

Brunei is not alone in the TPP when it comes to persecuting Christians. In neighboring Malaysia, Christians are sent to concentration camps for forced conversion to Islam. Vietnam’s Communist goons monitor all prayer services, routinely attack house churches and murder priests.

There was a time our government would not have tolerated such behavior. Now we reward it.

During the Cold War, we restricted trade with countries that denied their citizens basic freedoms. The Jackson-Vanik Amendment cut off trade with communist nations. America used its power as the world’s largest consumer market to promote American values and reward countries that respected them.

But now, when our way of life is challenged by Islamist totalitarianism, President Obama and his fellow travelers in the GOP want to give our enemies most favored nation trading privileges, saying it is important to reward nations that “share our values.”

Is banning Christmas is an American value? Is putting people in prison for wearing a Santa hat an American value? Is it an American value to murder priests?

In fact, the TPP threatens more than our values. It threatens our national security. Under the pact, the Shariah-loving Sultan of Brunei could buy a company that operates our seaports or provides security for our airports. If our government tried to stop the sale on national security grounds, a kangaroo court of unelected foreign bureaucrats could step in to force the sale to go through.

It’s not as far-fetched as it sounds. In 2006, the sultan of Oman, a Persian Gulf oil state, tried to take over port operations in the U.S. with the Dubai Ports World deal. Fearing a threat to national security, Congress stopped the sale. But it seemed a pending trade deal with Oman could have been used to undo Congress’ veto. So we added language explicitly saying the U.S. could invoke national security to override the provisions of any trade pact. That has been part of every trade agreement since – until the TPP.

Obama’s negotiators cut language from the TPP that explicitly prevents our national security interests from being challenged by one of the foreign-controlled kangaroo courts this “trade” deal creates.

As a result, unaccountable, faceless foreign bureaucrats could substitute their judgment for that of our own government in matters of national security.

And this was no mere oversight on the part of Obama’s team. How do we know that? Because in Annex 9-H of the TPP, Australia, Canada, Mexico and New Zealand explicitly declared they can not be sued under the TPP if they reject a foreign investment on national security grounds. The United States failed to do so.

With the TransPacific Partnership, Obama’s wise men are delivering our enemies three gifts. TPP betrays America’s values, surrenders our sovereignty and threatens our national security.

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