An immigration-watchdog group is calling for Republicans to launch primary challenges to the 150 members of Congress who voted Friday for the $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill, handing the Obama administration the gift it was looking for one week before Christmas.

About 100 of the 150 lawmakers were already targeted for defeat by Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, or ALIPAC, part of its “Cantor list of amnesty supporting Republicans.”

House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wisc., negotiated the bill with Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. It provides full funding for Obama’s executive actions shielding 5 million illegal aliens from deportation, supports his refugee resettlement program, Planned Parenthood, Obamacare, sanctuary cities and the United Nations climate-change agenda. It also allows for up to a quadrupling of low-skilled foreign “guest workers” to enter the country every year and work in non-farm blue-collar jobs.

ALIPAC’s Cantor list was named after Eric Cantor, the former House majority leader who was defeated by the relatively unknown and underfunded Rep. David Brat, R-Va., in a stunning primary upset last year. Cantor’s support for the Gang of Eight’s immigration “reform” measures were cited as the major action that turned his constituency against him.

Some of the items in the omnibus bill, such as the provision for up to 260,000 guest-workers to enter on H2-B visas, were borrowed from the defeated Gang of Eight bill.

But the vote last Friday by 150 Republicans was even worse than a vote for the Gang of Eight bill, says William Gheen, president of ALIPAC.

See the full list of 150 Republicans who voted for the $1.1 trillion omnibus.

“I really do believe that any qualified candidate could just destroy these lawmakers in the primaries because they just exceeded Cantor. They just went way beyond Eric Cantor by funding a quadrupling of low-skilled guest workers, and fully funding Obama’s Muslim refugee resettlement plans,” he told WND.

Democrats gloat

President Obama, Pelosi, Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., and Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., all gloated about passing the $1.1 trillion spending bill loaded up with Democrat priorities.

“I said I would not accept a lot of [conservative] ideological riders that were attached to a big budget deal,” Obama said Friday. “And because of some terrific negotiations by the Democrats up on Capitol Hill and I think some pretty good work by our legislative staff here … it was a good win. … We met our goals.”

In 2015, “we wanted to get rid of sequestration; we were able to do that,” said Reid. “We wanted to make sure there is parity between defense and the middle class. We wanted to make sure that we kept these poison pills off the legislation. … All three goals we had, we accomplished,” he said, and Ryan’s omnibus deal “caps off a successful year for Senate Democrats.”

“Well, if you would’ve told me this year that we’d be standing here celebrating the passage of an omnibus bill, with no poison pill riders, at higher [spending] levels above sequesters than even the president requested, I wouldn’t have believed it, but here we are,” Schumer said.

“Almost anything the Republican leadership in the Senate achieved this year, they achieved on Democratic terms. … Democrats had an amazingly good year.”

“The Democrats are celebrating this big national Christmas present Paul Ryan and the Republicans gave them,” Gheen said. “It’s their wildest socialist dreams come true, but the mistake they made was they did it at a time when there’s an insurgency going on across this country. People are angry.”

It’s that voter anger that is propelling outsider presidential candidate Donald Trump to double-digit leads in the polls in many states.

Gheen said he believes the lawmakers made a crucial miscalculation by tying their political future to Obama, Pelosi and Ryan.

“It was bad enough when we had 100 Republicans on the Cantor list, and people couldn’t believe we had that many Republicans in Congress who support amnesty, but now that number is going up to 150,” said Gheen. “I’ll tell you one is Joe Wilson (R-S.C.). He accused the president of lying. ‘You lie.’ We’ve endorsed him for five or six years, and now we’re moving him from the endorsement list to the Cantor list.”

Others who made the switch-over from ALIPAC’s “good guys” list to its “villains” list include veteran lawmakers like Lynn Westmoreland, R-Ga.; Tom Price, R-Ga.; and Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul, R-Texas. Newer congressmen such as Robert Pittenger, R-N.C.; Barry Loudermilk, R-Ga.; and David Rouzer, R-N.C., will also be added to the Cantor list.

Is House Speaker Paul Ryan.

House Speaker Paul Ryan

ALIPAC is also repeating its earlier call, from Oct. 29, for a primary challenger to the House speaker, Ryan, who supports amnesty for illegal immigrants and full funding for refugee resettlement from jihadist countries.

The filing deadlines for next year’s GOP primaries already closed in many states.

“The American public has obviously tried very hard to change Congress by handing Republicans a level of control unprecedented since the Civil War, and that vote has been betrayed on a grand scale by about 150 out of about 250 Republicans, now the answer is clearly not to return power back to the Democrats,” Gheen said. “The way forward for America is to throw as many of these 150 traitors out of office. And the way to do that is through the GOP primaries, and the Cantor list by nightfall will have a lot more names on it and it will be the most comprehensive list of sellout Republicans that need to go.”

He said ALIPAC will be updating its lists continuously this week until all 50 Republicans’ names, their home states and a small bio is included in the Cantor list.

While ALIPAC finds it disturbing that 150 Republicans betrayed the GOP base on core issues like refugees, guest workers, sanctuary cities and illegal immigration, there is a silver lining, Gheen said.

Silver lining?

“The good news is, we now have this complete list of who the traitors are. There’s no more hiding,” he said. “Those who voted for the omnibus are as bad as the Democrats for America. They did this on a Friday before Christmas to decrease the amount of attention, media coverage and public backlash.”

“The Republicans have tricked us,” Gheen continued. “They are bigger liars than the Democrats, because they lie to their base more often and tell bigger lies. They’re lying more because the elites, the billionaires, are paying these lawmakers to trick us, and their lies have become so bad that they’ve become a form of open warfare against conservatives that’s nationally destructive.”

ALIPAC’s standing endorsements for lawmakers like Wilson and Westmoreland are being dropped, and lawmakers who voted for the omnibus sending bill are being moved from the endorsement list to the Cantor list.

“Every single name on the list of Republicans who voted for this trillion-dollar spending bill that the Democrats like Schumer and Obama are praising are now vulnerable to defeat in primaries like Eric Cantor,” said Gheen. “It is only a matter of qualified candidates running against them in the primary and informing enough voters that these Republicans voted to fund Obama’s illegal immigrant and Muslim refugee resettlement programs. These sell-out Republicans have made a huge mistake voting for this on top of the huge surge in public anger at D.C. politicians who have betrayed their constituents.”

40,000 Muslim refugees, 170,000 green cards rubber stamped

Obama’s refugee resettlement program will distribute 85,000 foreign refugees – including 10,000 from Syria – directly into more than 180 U.S. cities and towns. About 40,000 refugees and asylees will come from countries with active jihadist movements such as Iraq, Syria, Somalia and Afghanistan.

The deal also continues the U.S. policy of issuing another 170,000 green cards to persons from Muslim-dominated countries.

Between the refugee/asylee program, the green-card program and the student and guest-worker visa programs, the U.S. admits close to 300,000 Muslim migrants per year.

Total legal immigration into the U.S. now stands at an all-time record of 1.1 million a year, a figure that Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., has said is unsustainable and impossible to screen. No other country in the history of the world has experimented with such a mass influx of immigrants.

Gheen said the Republican-dominated Congress refused to use its only real power – the power of the purse – to stop a lame-duck president with low approval ratings from getting what he wanted. Such weakness is unforgivable, he said.

“Omnibus also funds sanctuary cities for illegal aliens, which makes murders of Americans like Kate Steinle (in San Francisco earlier this year) and thousands of others each year possible, while funding all refugee programs including the Syrian refugee resettlement considered to be rife with exploitation by terrorists who want to mass murder Americans,” Gheen said.

The funding bill also quadruples guest-worker levels, throwing more American blue-collar workers out of jobs while funding Obama’s efforts to resettle border surge illegal immigrant minors who have been entering in large numbers.

The bill fails to fund the promised 700 miles of improved border fencing while continuing to fund IRS tax rebates for illegals.

“Any of these politicians can be beaten in the GOP primaries of 2016 by almost any qualified candidates who are sincere in their promises to oppose about everything Obama and his omnibus-backing Republican sellouts have supported in this bill,” said Gheen.

ALIPAC has prepared a list of GOP lawmakers who voted for the omnibus at this link.

ALIPAC is also circulating a list showing the filing deadlines to run for seats in Congress.

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