Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump

By Paul Bremmer

The Prince William County fairgrounds in Manassas, Virginia, rocked with energy as roughly 2,500 people gathered to hear a speech from Donald Trump, the current frontrunner for the GOP presidential nomination.

On that night this week, the crowd seemed to sense Trump is different than most politicians – and believe him to be a bolder, more independent leader capable of doing what is necessary to make America a better country.

Ruby, from Front Royal, Virginia, said she drove almost an hour to hear Trump speak, and it was her first political rally ever.

She said she supports Trump because “he can’t be bought” and “he tells it just like it is.”

“He’s not politically correct; he’s direct, and he just says what’s on his mind, and that’s what most people are already thinking,” she said. “We’re afraid to say anything because of repercussions, but he’s not.”

Ruby said she believes Trump, unlike most politicians inside the Washington beltway, actually cares about America and ordinary Americans.

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“The talking heads in Washington, they’re all the same,” she opined. “They promise everything and they give you nothing. They’re all in it for their own sakes, for everything they can get.”

Ruby conceded maybe Trump should tone down his rhetoric a little, but she believes once he’s elected, “that’s all going to work itself out.”

She pointed to immigration as a particular area of concern, because she believes it drives down wages and takes jobs away from native-born Americans. She trusts Trump to fix the immigration problem and associated economic problems because, as a successful businessman, he understands how to create jobs and “get things done.”

“I’m so excited about him, I just can’t even tell you!” Ruby exclaimed.

Meanwhile, Tony, from Fredericksburg, Virginia, drove up to Manassas to support Trump and “take my country back.”

Like Ruby, this was his first political rally. In Trump, he has finally found a candidate whom he believes to be is honest and authentic.

“I love the straightforwardness,” Tony said. “I think it’s time to throw political correctness out the window and tell it like it is, treat the problems the way they need to be treated. If you’ve got to hurt somebody’s feelings, you can’t please everybody. You just can’t. You just have to do what you’ve got to do to make things right, and I think he’s the guy for it.”

Tony said as a small business owner, he hopes Trump will “bring the blue-collar man back.”

“I want [Trump] to bring jobs back, to make a man be able to work 40 hours a week, 50, 60 hours a week and be able to support his family, and I think that’s what he’s about,” Tony said.

There have been reports that big-money Republican donors might actually throw their support to Hillary Clinton if Trump wins the GOP nomination. Tony said they would be foolish to attempt to sabotage Trump in this way.

“He’s – I guess I don’t want to say he’s a man’s man, but he is,” Tony declared. “He’s a guy that when you look at him and you listen to him talk, he speaks with authority, and I just see this as a train that they can’t derail.”

Tony opined if the GOP establishment tries to make Trump look like the bad guy, it will only hurt the party.

Former Rep. Virgil Goode, R-Va., also attended the rally. He told WND he supports Trump because of the real-estate mogul’s positions on illegal immigration. He praised Trump for recognizing the importance of building a border fence and ending birthright citizenship. He also lauded Trump’s positions on trade.

“Trump has the courage to stand up to Wall Street, to the K Street lobbyists, and say our trade deals have not been best for the ordinary, average citizen American,” Goode said.

The congressman praised Trump the businessman.

“He has the business experience which we desperately need in the White House today, and most importantly, he has the courage and guts to make America great,” he said.

Goode, who ran for president as the Constitution Party’s nominee in 2012, believes Trump has an “excellent shot” at winning the GOP nomination, but he offered a warning to Trump supporters:

“The establishment will do all they can to block him, so grassroots America’s going to have to turn out in droves for Mr. Trump.”

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