Trump’s ‘xenophobia’: A normal, adaptive trait

By Kent G. Bailey

In the December 1991 issue of New York magazine, columnist John Taylor penned a fascinating two-part article entitled “Men on Trial.” Part I addressed the William Kennedy Smith rape trial, and Part II was a partisan romp through the confirmation “trial” of Clarence Thomas before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

In Part II, the author endeared himself to me with this quote: “When human beings are under stress, according to Kent Bailey … they tend to regress to ancient patterns of behavior, gender-survival strategies that were established during the Paleolithic era and remain imprinted in the deep sub-cortical recesses of the brain. For males, the pattern is that of the belligerent hunter-warrior.”

For me, this implicit embrace of human paleopsychology was both satisfying and problematic. Since one of my motives in developing the theory was to give conservative thinkers a scholarly, post-Edenic approach to human “fallenness,” it was a shock to see it used to attack the intelligence, veracity and character of Clarence Thomas. Indeed, we are told that Thomas’ response to Anita Hill’s accusations “had all the characteristics of a deep-subcortical response.”

So not only was Thomas a dirty old man who preyed on innocent and helpless young women, but his mind was literally in the subhuman gutter of the animal world! Anita Hill, by contrast was depicted as a high-goddess of virtue and purity – an African-American Snow White of sorts – victimized by the predatory vices of a feral male and his Ork-like Republican supporters on the Judiciary Committee.

We see here how a member of the Republic of New York’s palace guard in the media – John Taylor – used his left-leaning and ample intellectual skills to manipulate, color and sell to the public a progressive political narrative with just barely enough objectivity to avoid suspicion. If this country is to survive, the American people had better learn how to see through these Marxist and neo-European ruses for what they are – methods for redefining our world and punishing those who resist.

We saw what happened to Paula Deen for her verbal peccadillo 25 years ago, the relentless savaging of Nixon and Bush 43, the sheer hatred directed toward conservative women like Sarah Palin or Ann Coulter, and now presidential candidate Donald Trump is in the New York Republic’s crosshairs for recent comments about Muslim immigration.

Trump is a particular menace to the Republic since he is himself a New Yorker by virtue of birth and temperament; he is rich enough to avoid the fiduciary control of others; he is both highly intelligent and fearless; and, most importantly, he is both capable enough and aggressive enough to put the press in its proper place. He is, indeed a warrior male extraordinaire.

Donald Trump seems to be the only candidate aware of the defeatist swamp of political correctness that regularly provides succor and support to enemies who want to destroy us. Like all warriors, he is not “measured” in his personal aggression, his personal style, his approach to governance, or his particular solutions such as a moratorium on Muslim immigration. I believe that war is not just coming to America; it is already here. And if our response is “measured” after the manner of establishment Republicans like Lindsey Graham or Paul Ryan, then defeat is assured.

Paleopolitically, the New York Republic has spent the past 50 years using PC thinking to turn fly-over America into a kind of naive, helpless, victimized and accommodating “abused wife” who remains faithful and quietly endures her misery to the end. Every evening she tells the kids, “be quiet and good when daddy comes home” because “we don’t want to make him mad.”

What makes me mad is when I hear the Democrats, the Republic-controlled media and the preponderance of “conservative” Republicans talk the same way about the murderous enemies of our country like ISIS and al-Qaida. How many times do we hear “We must not offend or anger the Muslim radicals, for that will only anger and alienate them and then they will be mean to us”? This is Republic-induced girly-man talk and not the talk of the warrior class.

From the outset, critics have predicted that Trump was an entertaining and eccentric character who would eventually go too far with his anti-PC rhetoric and his house of cards would come crashing down. He has survived so far, but his talk of a moratorium on Muslim immigration will be his greatest test yet.

I believe there is a degree of merit to his suggestion. The paleopsychology of bands, tribes and kinship tells us that human beings first favor themselves over all others, then next their biological kin, then their tribe, ethnicity and religion, and, lastly, they may associate themselves with higher designations like “nation of origin” or “planet earth.” Kinship and tribal identification are heavily represented in lower parts of the brain, and no one on earth has completely severed those ties or permanently risen above them.

The Republic of New York inundates the country with political correctness, diversity and multicultural nonsense, and everyone seems to talk the talk, but it has little or no reality in the brain or in the archaic history of humankind. Love of one’s own kind is deeply and widely represented in the brain, and xenophobia is one of nature’s most natural and adaptive traits. These are normal traits, and to depict them as “evil” or “immoral” is downright silly. Had those traits not existed, then there would be no human race. In theory, we may move “up” to a level of “multiculturalism” for a moment only to regress back to the comforts of the tribe when threat enters the picture. And it often takes generations for foreigners to begin to “melt” into American society.

Therefore, why would we gamble with the safety and welfare of “our people” so that a potentially dangerous stranger from another land might not have his or her feelings hurt? The only people in the world that think this way are Caucasians of European descent – for aside from Christianity, we often have no clear tribe to protect or luxuriate in. Thus, we have little or no immunity for a social disease I called “politically correct psychosis” in a Nov. 17, 2003, article in MensNewsDaily.

Trump’s recent comments on Muslim immigration have caused a widespread outbreak of the disease. When you observe someone tearfully repeating the phrase “We are not that kind of people” or “this is not our America,” move away quickly lest you be infected.

Donald Trump may or may not ever be president, but he sure is a good dose of Thorazine for this most dangerous and patriotism-sapping mental disorder.

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