WASHINGTON – For Christmas, a pair of leftist writers for the uber-snarky website Jezebel didn’t get what they bargained for.

sanata reagan

Santa Gipper

Going undercover, they sneaked into the New York State Young Republicans Christmas party in Manhattan expecting to dish the dirt on “an unbearable throng of closed-minded people.”

What they found instead was closer to the proverbial peace, love and understanding.

The two were flabbergasted to be overwhelmed with niceness.

Ellie Shechet and Joanna Rothkopf reported last week, “This weekend, we decided to put on our spy hats and attend their holiday party undercover. We were embraced with open arms.”

Shecet has written such stories as “Would You Have Sex With the Newly-Bearded Paul Ryan?” and Rothkopf penned “Sean Hannity Still Wants to Find Your Future Conservative Husband.”

Their article
“‘I’ve Known Donald for Years’: 3 Hours Undercover at a Young Republicans Holiday Party”
was published in Jezebel.

Their ploy was to pretend to be conservatives and Shecet devised a cover story.

“I thought it would be funny to tell people we worked at a babysitting startup, which Joanna immediately named UBaby. ‘It’s the Uber for babysitting,’ we would tell people.”

They expected a challenge.

“I was deeply hungover from the Gawker holiday party the night before, and the prospect of an open bar felt much less appealing than it had when Joanna asked me to come with her a few days earlier.”

Upon arriving they immediately felt like fish out of water.

“Not only were we the only women wearing pants, we were also apparently amongst the only women who had not worn a bright red cocktail dress with a Drybar blowout – the default uniform of the young Republican woman.”

But they were then shocked to find their preconceptions shattered.

“We learned quickly how easy it was to make a young Republican friend when Dave, who described himself as ‘probably the most senior person in the room’ approached us and asked, ‘Who are you?’

They found love.

“To my right was a delightful 66-year-old man named Bob whom Joanna and I immediately fell in love with. ‘I love Bob,’ Joanna texted me. He was grandfatherly and wise, except for his political views and most of the sentences he said.”

A love that quickly deepened.

“Bob was a McCain/Romney man, which is a detail that I didn’t know could make me love someone even more.”

They found happiness.

“[O]ur table was filled with very sweet young men from Rockland County and Long Island who were both incredulous that we were actually Republicans that lived in Manhattan, and extremely happy with the addition of young ladies to their world.

They found kindness.

“For a large chunk of this dinner, Ellie was in the middle of a very intense conversation with Bob that I couldn’t quite hear, which left me to talk to Pedro, a Canadian man with bangs sitting to my left. He was at once the sweetest person I’d ever met and also the most literal.”

And acceptance.

“The crazy thing about that cool-kid circle was how totally accepting of us they were (with the exception of Pinstripe Guy, who couldn’t have been less interested, and another red-dress hottie, who visibly scowled at me when I mentioned our childcare start-up). Ellie immediately bonded with a college senior (also in a red dress) and they talked by themselves for maybe 20 minutes while I relived my unfulfilling high school social life with Pinstripe.”


“When Ellie and her new best friend finally rejoined us, we all started toward the door. ‘You guys have to come to Dorrian’s,’ they said, referencing a bar on the Upper East Side they were all heading to. Even Pinstripe echoed the sentiment: ‘Yeah, definitely, Dorrian’s.'”

More love.

“Ellie and I huddled off to the side to determine whether we had it in us to go to a second location, ultimately determining that we had fallen too deeply in love with our new social circle and would struggle to keep up our undercover personae (and/or someone would try to add us on Facebook).”


“At Dorrian’s, the night would have undoubtedly ended with Ellie asleep in the lap of her college friend, having promised herself to the Bush campaign, and me drunk-crying while koala-hugging Bart.”


“Ellie actually hugged the girl in the red dress. We had just spent an evening in Midtown Manhattan in December, expecting to knock heads with an unbearable throng of closed-minded people. That is kind of what happened, except we also had a very lovely time.”

And something close to the Christmas spirit.

“We waved at our new friends and walked out into the night, stopping briefly by the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, which neither of us had bothered to visit before despite living in New York for a number of years.”

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