Recalling Jerome Corsi’s book challenging President Obama’s presidential eligibility,’s Alan Colmes asked the WND senior news writer if he thought Republican candidate Ted Cruz is qualified for the White House in accordance with the Constitution’s “natural born” citizen requirement.

In the latest episode of his video feature “Alan Colmes VS,” which focuses on controversial current issues, Colmes tackled the eligibility debate sparked by the Republican primary front-runner, Donald Trump, who is neck-and-neck with Cruz in Iowa, according to polls.

Trump has raised doubts about Cruz’s eligibility based on the Texas senator’s birth in Canada. Cruz and many constitutional scholars contend he is eligible, because, although his father was a citizen of Cuba, his mother was an American citizen.

Asked if he thought Cruz was eligible, Corsi said that according to the “Vattel standard” – outlined in Emmerich Vattel’s influential 1758 treatise – Cruz doesn’t qualify. Vattel, who Corsi contends was a source for the Founding Fathers, defined “natural born” as having been born on the country’s soil to two citizen parents.

But Corsi emphasized that no one can say definitively whether or not Cruz is eligible until the U.S. Supreme Court interprets the term “natural born.”

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Colmes, the left side of the old Fox News “Hannity & Colmes” show, asked Corsi  if he would be “going after Cruz the same way you went after” Obama.

Corsi, the author of the 2011 book “Where’s the Birth Certificate,” pointed out he already has published a story regarding Cruz’s eligibility.

“I want to see the Supreme Court, ultimately, make a determination on this issue and settle it,” Corsi said.

In a WND story published Monday, Corsi reported that both Cruz and Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., who is also a candidate for the party’s nomination, are the subjects of court challenges brought by Democrats regarding their eligibility.

Colmes asked if the issue it still worth debating.

“It’s a major issue, Alan, and it’s going to continue to be an issue,” Corsi said.

“We’ve got more and more people in the United States who are here through various naturalization and immigration procedures. And the question is, increasingly, [are] foreigners born of foreign parents … the only ones who are not natural born?”

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