Gov. Nikki Haley

Gov. Nikki Haley

Ann Coulter, conservative firebrand, took to Fox News Radio and told host John Gibson: Nikki Haley, governor of South Carolina, is a “bimbo” who was only elected because of her good looks.

She first spoke of the need for Republicans to listen to the American people about immigration, as leading candidate Donald Trump has done.

“The entire Republican Party … [has an] absolute undying commitment to mass immigration, over everything else,” she said, during the interview. “They are obsessed, ‘we must keep dumping the third-world on the American people.'”

But not Donald Trump – and that’s his big draw for the American people, she said.

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“He’s the only one, the only one to say, ‘I care about Americans more than foreigners,'” Coulter said. “And then … the Republican response [to State of the Union] is attacking Donald Trump, and specifically on immigration. It’s like they are drug addicts, they can’t stop.”

Gibson asked: “So do you think that Nikki Haley was picked, or this is a function of the Republican establishment, trying to ding Donald Trump?”

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And that’s when Coulter called Haley “a bimbo” and tried to explain her viewpoint. Gibson, however, objected and said, “Hold on Annie, I’ve got to stop you there.”

He went on: “Annie, Annie, you just called her a bimbo. I don’t think that’s kosher.”

A lively back-and-forth commenced.

“What do you mean kosher? Is it true or isn’t it? … You’re policing my language? I’m saying something I think is true,” Coulter said. “I think she is a bimbo.”

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Gibson sighed. And Coulter continued.

“Do we have to add that to the list of words that can’t be used now? Because the list is getting bigger than the dictionary,” she said.

Gibson: “It describes a certain kind of person which I don’t think fits her.”

“Yeah,” Coulter said, “a not very bright female. Actually, they are not always females but they often have those qualities, these feminine qualities.”

Gibson: “Well, can we proceed without calling her that kind of name?”

Coulter: “You’re joking?”

Gibson: “No, I’m not.”

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Coulter: “Can you email me of list of what words can’t be used … Bimbo? … It’s going to be hard to describe how she was chosen. She is a woman who was accidentally elected because she’s pretty and isn’t very bright, can we say that?”

Coulter then added, “I think there’s something the matter with South Carolina. It’s such a fantastic state and they have the worst representatives. I think the smart people in South Carolina don’t want to run for elective politics. … Lindsey Graham is South Carolina. South Carolina is one of the best states in the Union. Lindsey Graham and Nikki Haley? … Come on. Lindsey Graham, also a bimbo.”

Coulter refuted the idea of Haley making the vice presidential seat, and said she didn’t think the governor even had a second term in her future.

Coulter just made media waves by saying via Twitter Donald Trump, ought to deport Haley – a remark Gibson raised at the outset of the interview, along with this question: “You were just joking, Annie?”

Coulter’s reply: “Ahh, no.”

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