A Minnesota girl’s basketball team was booted from its league right before a key tournament because the powers-that-be told them: you’re just too good.

And Allen West, former U.S. congressman from Florida, said the incident was just a sign of the times under President Obama, who’s fostered the “everybody gets a trophy” feeling that’s hit hard at this generation.

The Rogers Area Youth Basketball Association girls’ high school team was told by the Northwest Suburban Basketball League board to not bother showing for the tournament because of their 3-0 record.

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“We found out … we’re not going to be allowed [to play] because according to the league, our girls were too talented,” coach Jason Hanauska told Fox 9.

And in the league’s words, according to a letter of explanation sent to parents, the reason was other teams “do not want to play RAYBA due to [their] skill level.”

Parents and team members were outraged.

As player Tessa McCarthy said to the news station: “Are we supposed to play worse just to make them happy?”

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West, meanwhile, saw a long-running trend at progressive politics at play where those of inferior skills or talents are elevated, just to make them feel better.

“It’s almost cliche at this point to describe the current generation as the ‘everybody gets a trophy’ generation, but there’s truth to it,” he wrote in his piece entitled “Obama’s America: Look what happens to a basketball team that’s ‘too good,'” in his AllenBWest.com blog. “I can’t think of any other way to describe the popularity of social justice nonsense among college students aside from coddling at a young age. This sort of mentality has prevailed to such a ridiculous extent that every player is going to technically deserve that trophy, because all teams are going to be equal.”

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He went on, speaking to the politics of the attitude: “All the justifications are similar. Many progressives call for higher taxes on the rich in the name of ‘fairness.’ We’re also often told that the rich are able to pass on unfair advantages to their children … but athletic ability can be inherited, too. … So how does [this issue] make any more sense when Bernie Sanders calls for this sort of story to be the law of the land, but in economics instead of sports?”

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