Jeb Bush and John Kasich hired them for key campaign staff positions.

John Boehner and others campaigned for them.

Speaker Paul Ryan said he would vote to grant them special rights.

Chris Christie happily signed a key bill granting their New Jersey leaders full access to children in public schools under the guise of preventing “bullying.”

And Nikki Haley pledged that a future Republican president “… would respect differences in modern families” while respecting religious freedom, which many see as irreconcilable objectives.

I’m talking, of course, about those involved in proud homosexual behavior. It’s true there’s nothing foundationally different about these people. Each is made in the image of God and shares constitutional rights with every other American. But their aberrant sexual conduct is a blight on America. It’s sinful, unhealthy and immoral, and there is no need for anyone to engage in it. People are not constructed for these bizarre behaviors.

But “LGBT” political advocates have repeated the “born that way” lie so often that even evangelicals are starting to buy it, willingly dismissing the word of God to do so, and their own common sense.

And regarding establishment GOP leaders, it seems they’re becoming willing tools of the gaystapo, the same revolutionaries who routinely bully bakers, florists, photographers and innkeepers without batting an eyelash.

The Human Rights Campaign and others are now so full of pink testosterone that they boldly advocate denial of First Amendment religious freedoms to anyone who resists the required obeisance: bowing before homosexual and transgendered demands – which is why no open homosexuals, even if they claim affinity with conservative values, deserve a key platform, like Townhall’s Guy Benson will get at the upcoming CPAC meeting March 2-5. Benson is an advocate of same-sex “marriage.”

Our future president should respect two “moms” who happily omit a father figure? Haley and others are pledging support for behavior tearing our country – and families – apart, conduct God calls an abomination.

How stupid are these GOP leaders? The majority of their base not only disagrees, it disagrees strongly.

Sen. Rob Portman, for instance, faces a difficult re-election contest in Ohio even without a clear (so far) primary challenge. Conservatives in the Buckeye state feel he betrayed the 62 percent of Ohio voters who approved man/woman marriage in 2004. Portman announced his support for same-sex “marriage” in 2013 just before oral arguments in United States v. Windsor. His editorial included long-repeated “gay” talking points.

It was a pivotal moment, and Portman kicked conservatives when we were down.

Respect from the “gay rights” movement toward other views? There is none. This movement divides and destroys, all because of unhealthy, deviant behavior, and it will eviscerate the GOP if they embrace child-endangering, changeable deviance.

Many of us will never, ever change our minds, and the truth of God is on our side. We are not perfect but God is, and it’s becoming clear He is growing impatient with America’s pathetic ingratitude, self-indulgence and reckless treatment of children.

This raises the obvious question: This is a losing game, so what reward awaits these mushy or easily compromised Republicans who parrot the homosexual lobby talking points and defy God?

Why is the GOP establishment “going gay”?

There are only a few possibilities. At first glance, it seems money, prestige or protection from the loss of either must be the principal motives.

It can’t possibly be the case that this many people suddenly are cool with anal sex between two men as a sound and positive basis for “marriage.”

And indeed, money does talk.

Wall Street is now exerting massive pressure on Republicans by pushing the “LGBT” agenda. In a breathtakingly short span of time, corporate America, too, has gone “gay,” and the moral decline of too many American businesses has a big impact on the GOP.

A recent Bloomberg article highlighted influential New Jersey Rep. Scott Garrett’s decision to withhold hundreds of thousands of dollars from the National Republican Congressional Committee because of its support for homosexual candidates. This has some fellow Republicans in a major tizzy as well as payback mode:

“As the GOP struggles to widen its appeal, Garrett’s comments, which quickly became public, reaffirmed the impression of Republicans as stridently intolerant.”

More foolishness. The GOP will “widen its appeal” by reaching out to homosexuals and their supporters, the vast majority of whom will vote Democrat no matter what you do? It’s bad strategy, wasted time and moral bankruptcy, which will alienate the base.

Some consultants somewhere are getting well paid for this idiotic advice.

Why not shore up the grass roots by backing their firm objections to homosexuality and same-sex “marriage”?

Rep. Garrett’s refusal to support this GOP fund is a decision based on faith, and God bless him for his courage. He labeled the Bloomberg article one of a series of “salacious hit pieces” and said, “My colleagues and my constituents know that I am a devout man of faith, and therefore I support traditional marriage. But calling me names or implying that I have malice in my heart for any person or group of people is false and completely disingenuous.”

Some Republicans are motivated by the desire to appear progressive in the eyes of the jaded mainstream media. They also interact with many “out” homosexuals in Washington and New York circles, clearly a corrupting influence. And sometimes “LGBT” advocates threaten to reveal useful closet skeletons.

Homosexual political operatives know how to use – or invent – dirty rumors. We’ve all seen how this is done.

Ultimately, of course, the GOP’s cluelessness is caused by massive spiritual deception. It becomes imperative that we choose new conservative leadership in the White House who will set a new tone in this country: responsibility, respect for faith and constitutional freedoms, true concern for national security and a genuine heart for children.

There is no future without morality, without children – without God.

Let’s elect leaders – Republican, or maybe not – who walk the walk.

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