The scandal-prone Clintons

The scandal-prone Clintons

State Department documents connected to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have become fodder for scandal, from classified emails sent through an unsecured personal server to her disclosure to her daughter that the Benghazi attack was an act of terrorism, even while she publicly blamed an obscure YouTube video.

Now there’s a whole new pile of State Department documents that are being looked through, and no one knows for sure what’s there.

The revelation came on Monday when attorney Larry Klayman, of Freedom Watch, engaged with U.S. District Judge Christopher R. Cooper and Department of Justice lawyers.

Klayman has pending multiple actions concerning the Clinton documents, the National Security Agency’s spy-on-Americans program, even the Stuxnet virus, and had a routine hearing.

Then DOJ attorney John K. Theis asked for more time, since a new cache of State Department documents, which may or may not be applicable to the case, had been discovered.

As of the hearing, no one knew exactly what they contained. They could be entirely new revelations or they could be copies of documents of which the public already is aware.

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Cooper agreed to give the government more time to review and evaluate.

“Per the court’s discussion with the parties in a teleconference held January 11, 2016, [45] Defendant Department of State’s Motion for Extension of Time is hereby GRANTED. The Department of State shall have imaged the set of documents at issue by January 22, 2016, and shall conduct a search of those documents by January 29, 2016. The parties shall file a joint status report February 1, 2016, updating the court on the production of any responsive, non-expect documents from the set of documents at issue, and proposing a summary judgment briefing schedule as necessary,” he ordered.

Klayman told WND the documents at issue apparently have just been discovered and never have been searched.

And he said he was requesting immediately discovery involving the documents, referencing an ordinary procedure in court disputes in which the two sides exchange evidence that they have.

“They don’t know what they’re dealing with. There’s a treasure trove of stuff … just uncovered at the department,” he said.

In the case at issue, Klayman has been trying to get the government to take physical control of a thumb drive reportedly held by the Clintons’ lawyer.

The lawsuit, a Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act case against Bill and Hillary Clinton and their family foundation, alleging it is more or less a criminal enterprise to benefit the Clintons, has been part and parcel of the arguments over Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server while she was secretary of state.

Klayman has been fighting efforts by the Clintons to have the case dismissed. Recently, a judge suspended plans for depositions by the Clintons pending resolution of other issues.

He argues that “some of the predicate acts alleged in the Second Amended Complaint concern Defendant Hillary Clinton’s unauthorized release, in exchange for financial gain, of classified information concerning U.S.-Israeli war planning to wage a [preemptive] strike on Iranian nuclear facilities and the joint U.S.-Israeli cyber-attack on Iranian nuclear centrifuges with a virus named Stuxnet.”

A federal court in Florida already has scheduled a trial later this year.

“This is a classic RICO lawsuit,” Klayman has argued, “Indeed … few people – if any – can even attempt to refute the hard evidence that Bill and Hillary Clinton and their foundation have over a 10-year history of actually selling government access and influence in exchange for hard cash to fill their coffers and the coffers of their foundation, which not coincidentally, as pled, does not operate as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization but instead operates as defendants Bill and Hillary Clinton’s own alter-ego in furthering their criminal enterprise.”

He said the case is about much more than access to hidden documents, which he is seeking.

“The production of documents at issue is relevant because they evidence a criminal enterprise under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act … created and further by each of the defendants, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation, acting in concert as part of a conspiracy, to extort hundreds of millions of dollars in money – that is, bribes – from individuals, entities and persons upon which the defendants have bestowed favors and gratuities, principally in the form of granting waivers to do business with Iran. ”

The allegations, he explained, set “forth all of the operative facts to plead a valid RICO claim.”

You don’t have to wonder about Hillary Clinton any longer, read her words for yourself, in “Hillary Unhinged.”

The case brought by Klayman pleads “multiple acts of racketeering activity by travel in interstate or international travel for the purpose of bribery, money laundering and obstruction of justice.”

“These actions were done with the specific purpose of defrauding plaintiff and others out of hundreds of millions of dollars in donations,” he said.

He alleges, for example, that Hillary Clinton “granted a waiver to Victor Pinchuk and his company Interpipe Group as an exemption from U.S. congressional sanctions against doing business with Iran.”

He alleges that was “as a quid pro quo for bribes disguised as donations made to The Clinton Foundation.”

He said the company “then, using the wires and mails and other illegal means fraudulently, donated $2.35 million to The Clinton Foundation.”

The case charges the Clintons schemed “to reap hundreds of millions of dollars personally and for their foundation by selling government access and influence.”

Klayman, for years a Washington watchdog, engaged Bill Clinton in court battles during his presidency. Klayman also has taken on terror interests and foreign influences in the United States. Recently, he won a federal court judgment against the National Security Agency’s spy-on-Americans program and brought a case against Obama over his amnesty-by-executive-memo strategy.

WND’s multiple attempts to obtain a comment from the New York office for Bill Clinton or the foundation have not been successful.


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