Kia Absalom (Credit: Facebook, via the Daily Mail)

Kia Absalom (Credit: Facebook, via the Daily Mail)

Kia Absalom, the daughter of U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s husband – making her the step-daughter of the chief of the Department of Justice – was put in jail for a night for skipping out on paying an Uber taxi driver a $20 fare.

But she was never formally arrested and was freed within hours, the Daily Mail reported.

The news outlet reported Absalom took the taxi ride, but then admitted to the driver she didn’t have the money to pay. So the driver, Hassan Almaweri, 58, drove her to the police station in Canarsie and dropped her off.

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“I asked her to pay me,” Almaweri said to the New York Daily News. “She said, ‘No, I paid by the app.’ I said, ‘What do you mean, the app?’ So I drove her to the police station. I go to the police and say, ‘This lady doesn’t want to pay me.'”

The taxi driver is affiliated with UberT, which then lets him receive riders who book through the Uber app. But they’re still required to pay the driver directly, the Daily Mail reported.

Absalom, who wasn’t carrying any cash or credit cards, stayed in the holding cell at the police station until her boyfriend arrived and paid her fare, the news outlet reported. Police, who said Absalom never mentioned the name of her famous step-mother during the ordeal, then allowed her to go home, minus any fingerprinting or booking.

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An investigation was shortly after launched to see if police handled the matter in the same way they would for a suspect who didn’t hail from such an influential family. The Daily Mail reported Absalom’s father and a FBI agent actually went to the police department to make sure the 21-year-old hadn’t received special treatment.

Police, meanwhile, contended Absalom was treated the same as anyone else, and even required to remove her shoelaces.

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